Philodendron ruizii

Philodendron ruizii


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Shipped and adjusted well (07.02.2022)
Gorgeous (24.12.2021)
Like the previous reviewer, this plant travelled to the Far East and came impeccable. It came with 4 large deep green glossy leaves and a good root system. It lost one giant leaf during acclimatisation but the plant has stabalised quickly. It was beyond expectations. It is quite the jungle showpiece in the living room.
Healthy specimen! (22.06.2021)
It was my first experience buying from Ecuagenera. I was a little skeptical about how the plant might end up considering how far Ecuador is from Singapore. Lo and behold, the plant arrived hale and healthy with three large leaves, one unfurling and one on its way. The root ball was in peat moss and well protected. While I read that ruizii ships well, what I received was beyond my expectations. Thank you Ecuagenera. You have just gained yourself a repeat customer :)
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