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Tall plant, 4 leaves but one is yellow, the biggest leaf was only about 20cm in length so not as big as I'd hoped. But roots were okay
Plante de grande qualité arrivée fraiche comme une rose ! très bien conditionnée ! bcp de soin ...
Perfect Healthy Plant
Plant received in perfect conditions - healthy leaves and healthy roots. Definitely a " good" buy. Highly recommended.
Healthy roots
This plant shipped very well despite the week-long journey. The roots were very healthy and it came with around 3-4 leaves. It acclimated fairly quickly and I'm looking forward to seeing it grow its first leaf under my care.
It shipped well even though it had a long journey. Seems to be recovering fine!
Ich habe die Pflanze in Schloss Holte abholen können und bin begeistert. Die Pflanze ist gut bewurzelt und war perfekt verpackt, ich bin begeistert. Außerdem ist die Pflanze echt groß
Seedling with broken stems
Arrived with several broken stems and lost more leaves for cold. Came without a heat pack in spite of my request.
It is a seedling
not a plant of 30cm
Healthy plant
Arrived looking great. Nice root system and the leaves look pretty good even after shipping. It looks like the newest leaf was cut off prior to shipping, as there's a tall thick petiole from the center of the stem. Not sure if it was removed due to cosmetic damage or to fit in the box, but I'm not too concerned about it. Looking forward to the next one.
Tiny plant for the price...
Beautiful plant
Arrived mid January.
I feared of it being too cold outside and in which condition the plant will arrive.
It arrived absolutely perfect! No damage to it whatsoever.
Beautiful bit plant, the same as in the advertisement.
Healthy roots and leaves.
Small plants
Plants is advertised as 30cm. Could be total hight or could be size leaf? The two I got at least werent 30 cm sized leafs. Hight, maybe... didnt check. Something to describe more clear ;)
Plants both came in with a new leaf which died (cold damage). Roots are amazing and both are working showing signs of new growth so overall im pretty happy!
Small plant
The plant received is seedling size and not a 30cm size plant as advertised.