Philodendron serpens

Philodendron serpens


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Healthy (29.03.2023)
This plant (which I knew prior) does not ship well. Plant, while appearing very healthy, was super droopy. A week acclimating and it is still droopy. These are dramatic! I have no doubts it will grow on beautifully given proper time.
poor shipper (13.02.2023)
I have purchased this plant 3 times and received it 4 times and each time the plant has not survive the sipping and if it arrives alive dies soon after, I have dozens of Aroids all thriving except this one
Stem Rot, Down to Node Props (17.10.2022)
I picked this one up from a local trade show, and it was looking decent. It had two leaves plus a cataphyll. One leaf & petiole and the cataphyll were in good condition, one leaf was limp and starting to yellow. I cut the yellowing leaf/petiole off after a few days. I had it in a pumice/sphag mix, medium-high humidity, and indirect bright light. A few weeks later, the cataphyll had shriveled, and the stem rotted near the roots so I cut it down to two node-chonks. I have one in perlite, the other in soil. Neither has progressed but they're still alive for now. This is a striking species but it didn't seem to travel or re-acclimate well.
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