Anthurium pedatum

Anthurium pedatum


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Huge mature plant (30.07.2021)
The plant I received had two leaves and a very thick stem. One leaf was huge (at least a foot long), with mature lobes. Some roots were broken but I believe this is a hardy plant that will recover just fine. I'm very happy with this plant.
Great plant (02.05.2021)
Received a great looking plant with mature foliage and abundant rootball.

Arrived with 2 healthy leaves without rot on the roots.

I would highly recommend purchase especially given its price. However, you might receive a plant without mature leaves but i am confident that it'll be a great looking plant either way.
Awesome (19.02.2021)
Extremely vigorous seedling arrived in the coldest part of the year in northeast US. Nice root system and a plant with at least 5 large leaves, and one new leaf coming off the base. No damage whatsoever from the cold attests to the excellent shipping methods used by the folks at Ecuagenera. Will order once again!
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