Ceratostema rauhii

Ceratostema rauhii


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Beautiful plant even without flowers (13.02.2023)
Just purchased at a show, so no growing experience yet, but large, healthy and unique plant
so, so, so... (12.01.2023)
The leaves had fallen off there when I received it. It seems that air permeability is important for this variety, so it may be vulnerable to transportation.
It was supposed to be a Big size, but it was not as big as I expected.
Incredible Experience! (15.12.2022)
I was nervous about ordering a plant from another country as I know the longer the shipping time, the more stressed a plant becomes. I ordered a Ceratostema rauhii from Ecuagenera on 11/22, and less than a month later (12/15) it arrived in incredible condition! Its roots were expertly wrapped in sphagnum moss that was still damp when I opened it, and it didn't lose too many leaves considering how far it's traveled. I'm so excited to get to see this amazing plant in person - thank you so much to the Ecuagenera team that kept me updated every time it shipped and when to expect delivery!! :D
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