Trichoglottis pusilla

Trichoglottis pusilla

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Kundenbewertungen zu Trichoglottis pusilla

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Durchschnittliche Bewertung: 4,7
Very cute (20.01.2021)
I've wanted this species for a while and caught it in stock. It looked a bit rough upon arrival (it dried out during shipping because USPS is seriously backed up these past few months), but after keeping it moist for about a week, it bounced right back!
Great looking plant! (16.12.2020)
It came in great shape with two forming blooms that opened beautifully 3 weeks later. Gorgeous little plant!
very good (12.08.2020)
Plant received was smaller than I expected, mounted on a flat piece of wood 1 inch X 2 inches. But two flower buds were forming and have continued to develop. Plant looks very healthy and I'm glad I decided to purchase this plant.

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