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Dendrobium nindii
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This plant is notorious for being difficult to grow. The ones we got were in excellent health and large. I can easily recommend Ecuagenera and the nindii. Good luck to all us amateurs growing it.
It seems to be in good shape. Hoping to bloom soon because it is so beautiful.
Not great condition but rescue is possible
As above, all leaves dropped off and looked as though fungus did it. Hot water might have been used to treat, which could have done it. However, all are multiple cane plants, all have good strong new growth, no viable roots. I've put them in moderate light in the greenhouse in a spot where I can water carefully and not much for a few weeks. This species is hard to find in the US so I gave a star for that.
Second Trial.... maybe this the good one?
Second time I bought plants from Ecuagenera, I'm from Spain, 9.400km away (6.250miles away)
Thinking about the phitosanitary treatment the plants hava to pass through, ...the plane,... the customs in Germany to get the European Certificate...etc

The plants are GREAT ¡¡¡... Adult size plants, with incipient sprouts, ... maybe the roots aren't in best conditions (I repeat the phitosanitary treatment to pass the customs).

But great expectatives about them all ¡¡¡....

I have to be very careful with diseases next three monts,because plants are very weak now, but.... this second time has been much better than the first one.... I hope this time it can survive ¡¡¡¡

And.... above all.... incredible customer service ¡¡¡
Not happy overall. Not healthy plant
All leaves had fungal infections and eventually lost them (leaves). The ecuagenera guy at the SEPOS show said it was caused by transportation.
After a month, plant is (probably) still in recovery mode and not doing anything yet. Doing what I can to help the plant but it’s most likely set back, if it doesn’t die.