Encyclia osmantha

Encyclia osmantha


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Nice plant (20.11.2022)
Plant arrived with two spikes and looked quite healthy. It took a while but the spikes did produce flowers after a couple of months. Plant has a nice compact growing habit which I like. It is now producing new growths.
Okay... (21.10.2022)
Received a decently sized plant with a few bulbs and not many roots. The leaves had black spots, probably a fungus. On the bright side, despite its look it tested negative for viruses. Looks like it'll need some care to keep this.
Very good product (29.10.2020)
The orchid arrived in good, healthy condition. It was well packaged. It had 5 pseudobulbs, three with leaves and even has a flower spike. Two weeks later and the orchid is still doing well.
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