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Philodendron furcatum (medium)

Philodendron furcatum (medium)

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The condition was the same as my Philodendron lynnhannoniae cf. The leaves were yellow and curled. The handling looks improper.
damaged in shipping
all of the leaves on this plant were yellow when it arrived and the roots were not very healthy. The stem of the plant still looks healthy however it is going to take a while to recover. I do not reccomend this plant due to its high price and the poor condition it arrived in.
did well with shipping to US
this plant did not suffer too much with shipping, the texture of the leaves is interesting. petioles are long.
This is an aroid for a more careful grower. I have ordered this 2 times. Both are surviving. From the first plant i learned to put it in water until it acclimated to my home. Wait till it has new roots and leaves before trying very chunky soil. The second plant is in spagnum, bagged. Except leaf loss. However both have several new leaves now. I believe they are just delicate shippers and harder to acclimate however once you see the first new leaf youll want 10 more... WORTH IT!