Philodendron verrucosum Amazon Sunset

Philodendron verrucosum Amazon Sunset

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Arrived in bad condition - no good customer support (12.03.2023)
I ordered this plant some months ago and it arrived a few weeks later in really sad condition. Since it was still alive but without leaves, Ecuagenera did not replace it. This is very unsatisfying.
As expected, but quality control is bad. (06.03.2023)
Location: Malaysia
It’s definitely one of my wishlist plant. Hesitated to preorder as other reviews suggested that this species is a bad-shipper but I still ordered 2 as it’s the first time Ecuagenera joins plant show in Malaysia.
(Bought 2 just in case one of it arrives in bad shape)

And yes, it’s proven that my thoughts were correct. One of it was not healthy at all (with rotten roots, 2 leaves but all yellowish) & dying. Has 2-3 nodes

The second one was totally different. It has 6 leaves originally but 3 died off, leaving 3 leaves in good condition. Roots was ok (obviously better than the first one). Has about 5-6 nodes.

This clearly shows the huge difference between multiple purchases of same plant.. both should look more or less the same instead of one looking like the medium sized Amazon sunset.
Quality control still needs improvement. Disappoints me as I thought that Ecuagenera shouldn’t be missing this part.
Beautiful (17.02.2023)
Arrived beautifully, not much of a root sistem but thats to be expected. the leaves have minimal damage and are quite large & beautiful
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