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Philodendron mamei (seedlings)

Philodendron mamei (seedlings)

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First time importing philodendron!
I am so impressed with the packaging! I love the brown paper for wrapping it helps protect the plant. I am impressed how the plant survived even though the plant lost about 3-4 older leaves that's what I expected though.
Perfect in size and quality.
It has been a few months ago when I ordered my first queen anthurium from this website and I am impressed that they have improved their packaging style. I love that they added a brown paper to cover the plant for protection. The plant has arrived in perfect condition, and you couldn't tell that it was an import and came from
Ecuador to the US. The size of the seedling is bigger than I anticipated. Thank you also for the great customer service.
Sehr schön!
Es ist eine gesunde, schöne Pflanze mit großen Blättern und einem guten Wurzelsystem angekommen, ich bin sehr zufrieden
Big for a seedling.
Was larger than I expected. Super healthy plant with plenty of roots. Leaves are so beautiful. Came with 5 Leaves and pushing out another.
Arrived a bit limp but growing like gangbusters
I think my order got a bit chilled, but the mamei seedling just keeps on growing! I just noticed some new growth points sprouting from the base and the leaves keep getting bigger. I'm going to have to repot it soon!
This was so much larger than I ever expected! The largest leaf is about 6inches and perfect! Roots are okay, but easy to rehab. Very happy with my purchase!
A happy seedling
Like another reviewer, I was pleasantly surprised at. the size of the seedling. It came with 4 good leaves and a solid root system. After a month landing in Asia, it's going strong and I can see new growth. Very pleased with the purchase.
Muy linda planta, raices y hojas excelentes!
Very nice plant, the roots and leaves are great!
Great plant
My plant arrived safely and securely with 5 leaves and a good root system. The sales team answered my qquestions by email. Overall a good experience and shipping was easy to the US.
Very well
Bien fournie elle me fait une nouvelle feuille. Je suis contente de ce produit
Really happy
This arrived with only two leaves and underdeveloped roots, but with a little extra time in the moss and high humidity and it's doing great. Plant is really beautiful and pushing out new growth. Definitely worth it!
Great condition
They arrived in excellent shape!
Really nice
I expected a much smaller plant, but got a really nice size and with some good roots. A couple of the smaller leaves lost in the acclimation, but the main large ones are doing well and there is a new one on the way. Overall really good.