Philodendron corrugatum (medium)

Philodendron corrugatum (medium)


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Meh, would not recommend getting the bigger version (01.08.2022)
Plant arrived with leaves all wilted. Growth node is ok but roots were getting dry.

It'll be a rehab plant so no difference in getting the bigger version.

Unless you highly desire it, would not recommend.
sensitive to shipping (29.04.2022)
The substrate was very dry when the plant arrived and the leaves had wilted, the new growth tip looks ok though, as do the roots and stem so I'm sure it will recover. :-)
Beautiful and healthy plant (13.04.2022)
The plant I received is quite big despite the medium size. I was afraid it wouldn't ship well to Italy but this plant really surprised me.
It lost a leaf, the older one, and is about to lose another but another new and beautiful leaf has already opened. It seems to be stronger than I thought. Roots were perfect.

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