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Anthurium nigrolaminum 'Gigi'

Anthurium nigrolaminum 'Gigi' auch bekannt als Sp Napo

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I received this plant with 1 yellow leaf. Beside that, the rest of the 3 leafs are good and ok. Lets hope it can strive well and gives me more beautiful leafs.
I picked her up at a Chicago pop up on 7/16/2022 she’s a seedling. Out of the 10 plants I picked up she’s the best! I would definitely like to have a larger one. Loving the dark leaves!
The plant had well-established roots, and came with two leaves and third emerging one. Unfortunately, the baby leaf did not survive after a few days. Looking forward to new shoots as the plant stabilises.
Amazing plant
I received a beautiful and nice sized plant with a healthy rootsystem. The plant had no shippingdamage whatsoever.
This beautiful plant arrived in perfect condition. It had 2 nice size leaves and another one emerging. It acclimated fast and it just the perfect all around plant. It is currently my favorite plant. Thank you Ecuagenera!
Maximum Gorgeousness
First of all, this came immaculate with two giant leaves and a baby one rising. The leaves are thick, a little leathery in feel, and has a shimmer depending on the light. So far, not a single issue has risen. Most anthuriums I've bought do go through a natural and expected adjustment with yellowing, spotting or dropping of leaves within one week of receiving in the tropics, but this looks exactly like it did on day one. Love it.
Beautiful plant
Arrived with two large gorgeous leaves and a lot of healthy root.
Really a beautiful plant with very dark leathery leaves.
Very good
The color, shape, gracefulness and serene strength was what prompted me to buy. I live in the tropics and my major concern was the weather, if it is too hot for the plant. The plant came in very good condition. I kept it in bright indirect sunlight, about 5 feet away from the window. No special treatment for humidity. Humidity levels fluctuates between 60 to high 80s, reaching 100 if it rains for a few days in the row. It seems it likes these conditions.