Anthurium friedrichsthalii (medium)

Anthurium friedrichsthalii (medium)


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Perfect (29.04.2023)
Pre-ordered for a pop-up. Arrived in great shape and acclimated perfectly.
Super thin and medium length leaf. Eye catching! (05.04.2023)
I got this plant shipped bare root in sphagnum moss. It was a bit dried and stress. A 5min soak in water and super thrive and it came right back.

It's been growing like crazy (nearly 1 leaf per month) in a hanging pot with aroid mix in a east window.

This is one of my absolute favorite anthuriums now that I've owned it a while. I love that the leaf stays very narrow and it's has a slight velvet shimmer.
Likes to dry out a bit between waterings.
Arrived with 3 leaf and has 10 in under a year.

It loves monthly, liquid fish fertilizer in active growth season.

I'll likely buy more of this plant. It's so cool!
Great (25.01.2023)
I got three in total, one from a past order and two a while ago, the first one was great, and acclimated well. The two I recently got, one has great roots while the other one seem to have it's roots cut off before shipping. I currently have both in moss and they seem to be doing great.
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