Philodendron pinnatilobum aff


Philodendron pinnatilobum aff


Mögliche Versandmethoden: Abholung auf der Messe oder Pop-up, Lieferung an die USA Adresse von einer USA Show, Pick up from Canada Show, Delivery to Canada address from Canada Show, Lieferung in Deutschland UPS Express Saver, Abholung in der Ausstellung in Europa, Versand innerhalb der Europäischen Union, Transport mit öffentlichen Verkehrsmitteln Ecuador, Delivery to other countries - no shows, Pick up in Singapore (at Toh Gardens), Versand zum Flughafen Bangkok, Hong Kong, Indonesien, Vietnam, Philippinen, Malaysia, UPS Express Saver EU, Shipping to the United Kingdom, Abholbestellungen Schweiz, Abholung bei Growin Green Nursery Inc Pop Up, Abholung in Montreal Pop up, Abholung beim Seattle Plant Pop Up, Abholung in Cincinnati Pop up, Abholung bei unserem Open House in Deutschland, Abholung im Pop up Maryland, Abholung bei Pop up Texas, Pasadena, Abholung bei Pop up Alaska, Abholung in Malvern Show, Abholung beim Pop-up Dallas, Abholung beim Pop up Virginia, Abholung bei Pop up Las Vegas, Holen Sie sich den Sommerschlussverkauf „Orchids in the Park (OITP) 2022“ der San Francisco Orchid Society, Abholung bei Italy Pop Up, Abholung im Maryland Pop Up, Abholung bei der Calgary Orchid Show & Sale, Abholung in 2022 International Aroid Society Show and Sale, Abholung in 2022 International Aroid Society Show and Sale, Abholung bei der 23. Internationalen Esslinger Orchideen- und Raritätenausstellung, Abholung bei der Orchideenausstellung und dem Orchideenverkauf der Oregon Orchid Society, Abholung bei der Orchideenausstellung in Toulouse, Abholung beim Chicagoland Orchidfest, Abholung bei der Ausstellung und dem Verkauf der Faszination Orchideen, Abholung bei der Ausstellung der Kentucky Orchid Society, Abholung bei Michigan Pop up, Abholung New York Pop Up, Abholung beim UK Indoor Rare Plant Festival, Abholung bei Chicago Pop up, Abholung bei Detroit Pop Up, An eine Adresse in der Schweiz senden, Bestellungen Lieferung Toronto, Abholung in Edmonton Pop up, Abholung bei der Orchideenausstellung in El Salvador, Abholung beim Symposium in Puerto Rico, Abholung Michigan Pop up, Abholung bei der 2022 Gainesville Orchid Society Show, Abholung in Utah Pop up

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Small anemic plant (08.02.2022)
I have to say that overall I was disappointed with my order. I see youtubers unboxing huge plants with several leaves. All of my plants came very small with only 2 or 3 leaves. My understanding is that the shipment goes from Ecuador to Florida, where it is checked out and repackaged, then shipped to the customer. So if the plant looks sorry, they ship it to the customer nevertheless. What is the sense of that? You might as well just send it directly to the customer instead of delaying it further, especially if you do nothing to improve the plant.

This plant was small and pale green. I have been rehabbing but it still looks small and pale green. It just wanted a healthy plant to ship.. I would not order again for myself but my sister is requesting plants from them for her birthday.
Stunning & unique leaves (31.01.2022)
I recently picked up this plant at a Pop Up Event and I must say, the leaves are beautiful. There were some minimal damage on the bottom leaves but I am really happy with my purchase. The roots are healthy. It is currently acclimating in my greenhouse. Thank you Ecuagenera for a wonderful specimen!
beautiful (29.01.2022)
beautiful plants unfortunately all the leaves were yellowish. it was the more stressed plant out of everything that i ordered
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