Anthurium forgetii white stripes

Anthurium forgetii white stripes


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Small (25.01.2023)
I bought three of this in total on separate orders, the first was small, the second was big but rotted in my care while I was rooting it in water and the one I just got was once again a small plant. All came with good looking roots but I'm confuse why some of them are so much smaller than others
Amazing! (17.11.2022)
I was so shocked to see how big this plant was when I opened it. It came in perfect condition and acclimated very well. 4 perfectly healthy leaves with no rips or imperfections! So so happy with this gorgeous forgetii!
Beautiful (15.09.2022)
Plant came without any signs of damage or shipping stress and was an impressive size. Would definitely buy again.
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