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I bought three of this in total on separate orders, the first was small, the second was big but rotted in my care while I was rooting it in water and the one I just got was once again a small plant. All came with good looking roots but I'm confuse why some of them are so much smaller than others
I was so shocked to see how big this plant was when I opened it. It came in perfect condition and acclimated very well. 4 perfectly healthy leaves with no rips or imperfections! So so happy with this gorgeous forgetii!
Plant came without any signs of damage or shipping stress and was an impressive size. Would definitely buy again.
I ordered the and anthurium bundle, this forgetii was included. I received the bundle 9/9/22 this plant shipped very well, roots are very healthy. so very happy with this order!
I ordered 5 plants and must say not one of them had damage, looked stressed or had ugly roots. That is a feat. The Anthurium forgetii white stripes came with 5 leaves and 2 coming in, very healthy and roots healthy also.
Highly recommended
The plant I received had 3 healthy leaves on it wit nice healthy roots. The packaging was very good and the plant arrived in excellent condition. I would highly recommend this plant.
Acceptable but disappointed
This is my 2nd time purchase from Ecuagenera. The forgetii came with 3 leaves. One was yellowing and another had white spots. the 3rd biggest leaf is fine. Roots are fine too.
Beautiful and healthy plant
Shipped in good condition with 3 leaves (1 medium and 2 small sized leaves). This plant released a leaf 2 times larger than the previous one. I really love this type of anthurium so that I ordered a very big one at the live sale of Ecuagenera in April! This one came with 6 huge leaves. A new one has just came out and I hope it will be even bigger too.
I recommend this plant if you're an anthurium lover.
Plant came with 3 leaves. One is yellowing and another with white spots. Roots are ok and healthy
Decent Size, Extensive Roots!
I placed my order and chose to pick up at one of their Pop-Up Event locations. I could not be happier! The size of the leaves are very substantial and the root system was so healthy. There were 3 decent sized leaves!
Happy customer from Sweden
I received the plant 2 weeks ago. No problems with root rot or yellowing leaves. You can not see that it been travelling half-way around the world. As with all new aroids I buy, I pot it in my aroid mix (very gently), and place it in my glass cabinet for a month or so (with some extra humidity). Good for the plants and to make sure no bugs get a new home ;-)
Good quality
Plants can be seen on my insta profile
Arrived on 25/04/2022 in Austria in good condition with around 5 leaves and good root system with no sign of rot. Other than a weird tiny mark on the leaf that worried me at the beginning (looked like insects bite marks), the plant was in good condition.
A month later forgetii still has all 5 leaves and no major bug out brake in my apartment. It now looks like it's about to shoot out a new leaf.
highly recommend
The plant came in healthy condition with great leaves/ roots. there is a shimmer to the leaves that is just beautiful.
Honestly a little disappointed, it's the same size as the Anthurium crystalinum seedling. The only big leaf was also bent as it was not properly packaged. However, the roots are healthy and only yellowing are on the smaller leafs
This plant came in near perfect shape. The roots were so big and long and healthy with a good amount of leaves. Very Healthy with nice sized foilage. I recommend and would not hesitate to purchase from this company again.
It came with 5 leaves (one was newly emerged) and a flower. It was as good as a plant can be coming from afar to the Eastern part of the world. I am very pleased with my purchase and would buy it again.
Great plant
Wonderful plant received. 4 leaves of various sizes, beautiful healthy roots.
Great plant, specimen received as described
Lovely plant. Many leaves. Adapting well.
It came with four leaves and a large root ball. Potted it after soaking in HB101-fortified water for two hours. Potted directly in aroid mix with a top dressing of sphagnum moss. Two weeks on and roots are all over the place, and a new leaf has emerged.
Arrived with large leaves and a thirsty but healthy root system. Pleased with how well she held up during shipping and how big she is! Communication was great and made the wait easier (shipping took about a month). I'll definitely order again.
Todo tal y como se anuncia.
He comprado 2 plantas, tamaño medio, bonitas hojas, raíces estupendas, muy bien embaladas, solicité el envío express y pronto estuvieron en destino.
Estoy feliz con esta compra, ya que ha sido 100% satisfactoria.
Arrived in great condition
Very nice plant!
Arrived in good shape, some minor damage. The plant was a very nice size, had one yellowed leaf. Had some acclimation issues, died back to a stump but issues signs of coming back now after a couple months. Still very happy with the purchase!
Five Stars
Ordered two white stripes that arrived in perfect condition. Nice roots. Very healthy plants. Amazing addition to my aroid garden.
Great shipping. Arrived beautiful and healthy. Has proved to be one of my favorites.
A very beautiful plant. Travels well. One of the leaves was bent and folded in the packaging, but otherwise, no major problem. Got it about two months ago. Recovered easily in high humidity environment. Sitting in chunky medium and is pushing out a new growth.
I am finding it difficult to begin this review. I don't know where to start. First, this plant arrived extremely healthy and with a beautiful root system. Mine even had an offset growing from the middle of the chonk. I decided to leave it as one plant instead of splitting it. The plant rehabbed quickly in sphagnum moss before being transferred to Lechuza Pon. it has been a little over 6 months since I purchased this plant and it has grown into one of the most beautiful anthuriums I own. This plant is giving me 2 leaves at a time consistently and I currently have 5 inflorescences. The largest leaf is 14 inches long. All of the leaves are incredibly dark and velvety with a remarkable pebbled texture. That offset has grown into a full size plant of its own and I may have to split them soon.
Good Size and healthy
the plant come in with 3 leafs.. all are big and round with slight transportation damaged.. overall its a good purchase and the plant is healthy.
Awesome deal
Purchased one of these and it arrived with no transport damage to the leaves at all. The largest leaf is almost the size of my face, and it also has two small leaves. The roots are okay. Would recommend!
No issues at all
Healthy leaves and roots!
great plant!
plant arrived with surprisingly intact roots, i was pleasantly surprised. 4 beautiful leaves and after some acclimation quickly put out a 5th leaf. this is def plant that arrived in the best condition out of the 5 plants ive gotten from ecua so far
I had a great experience placing the order on the website, following up with the order, and shipment arrival. Ecuagenera e-mailed me every step of the way, so I knew exactly when my order was arriving. My Anthurium was perfectly packaged, very healthy, and I had no problem adapting it to my plant room. A month later the plants I bought are thriving! Definitely, I will buy from Ecuagenera again.
What a cutie!
Location: Singapore

Lovely specimen with 3 leaves, two almost palm size! Although the largest leaf got sliced during shipping, the strong healthy roots meant it acclimatized with no problems and has put out one big new leaf in 2 weeks! Really impressed by Ecuagenera's quality. you get what you pay for. Love the closed sinus.
About a three and a half
Plant is okay however, out of 4 leave only one was without marks and blemishes. The top of the box was torn off so far that you could clearly see the plant. While this may not be the sellers fault the box felt flimsy like it had been used before. and my other plant Patazanum, every petiole was bent and broken. Hopefully they will put out beautiful new leaves in my home environment.
Love it
Arrived in perfect condition and I didn't upgrade shipping , Great deal
Excellent Condition
I knew when purchasing anthuriums typically ship pretty well but I was blown away at how good the forgetii came in. No leaf loss, no root damage or issues and just a tiny bit of cosmetic damage (to be expected) on the leaves. It is acclimating beautifully to my home.
These plants ship incredibly well and have shown up in great shape, acclimating easily. :) no loss of leaves any noteworthy loss of roots.
So cute and adorable
I have a green wall of Regales, Crystallinums, Magnificum & Queens.

Adding this amplifies the rest of the Anthuriums because the forgetti is simply too adorable, just like a chubby newborn.

Loving it as the new baby of my Anthurium family.

Thanks Israel for sending me such a cute & healthy plant.
Jolie plante
Arrivée en très bon état avec plusieurs feuilles, système racinaire un peu faible par contre. Mais à part ça rien à redire. C'était ma deuxième commande et toujours aussi satisfaite.
Gorgeous plant!
This plant is amazing and arrived perfectly! For a more detailed review of the plants I purchased and the buying process, feel free to check out my blog post at For tips on acclimating your plants, check out
Very pretty
The plant arrived with 6-7 leaves which with closer inspection I found there were actually two separate plants growing from the same stem! The stripes are silvery and very thick, much thicker than the picture. The plant had a very good root system on arrival with minimal damage. Hardly needed any acclamation at all.
Love this plant!
So easy to acclimate. Mine arrived perfectly and the leaves are absolutely beautiful. Can't go wrong with this one.
really healthy and beautiful
shipped well to singapore
totally worth the money for the quality that you get
multiple leaves with a healthy root system
one thing to note though is that ecuagenera packages plants in paper, so some of the leaves touched the mushy paper and kind of 'melted'
but there were no issues acclimatising them
Small but still healthy
This plant is relatively small compared to other plants I have received from Ecuagenera. It came with two leaves. Many of the roots were broken but overall the plant is healthy. The veins on the leaf are not very silvery or prominent as the picture would imply, but that might just be due to the plant being more juvenile, I'm not sure. The leaves are also not as round at the top as the picture. After asking customer service whether I received the right plant since it looked almost like a regular forgetii, I learned that this plant is a hybrid of forgetii and magnificum. It would be nice if the description of the plant had that listed.
pretty plant
The plant came with a good root system and 3 leafes. They are not as round as on the foto, but still very pretty. Some damage from shipping - one of the leafes will go soon. But still shipping well all the way to Germany.
All leaves damaged from shipping, but recovering
Another set of Anthurium I ordered, each came with 2-3 medium leaves, all damaged but recovering after 2 months. It is quite disappointing to display it with damaged leaves. As a hobbyist, it is important for me that the plants looks nice to reduce my anxeity. So far, it is doing fine with decent roots, and hopefully it won't deteriorate. My first time ordering at Ecuagenera. I have mixed feelings, (9 plants in total) since the weather is perfect in Europe for importing plants. All of my plants are damaged, some are almost dead. For the price, I would say it is decent, althought this plant is getting cheap now in Europe. I'm unsure if it is worth importing.
This was my first time buying from Ecuagenera. I was hesitant at first but I am so glad I did! Forgetti was larger than I thought, very healthy and with good amount of established roots. Don't contemplate, get it!
Must buy!
You will not regret buying this. It came with 6 leaves (3 big + 3 small). Roots were very healthy too.
This was my first time ordering from Ecuagenera and I am so impressed. The Forgettii exceeded my expectations and has already given me two new leaves. The roots were well established. I love it!
This was my first time ordering from ecuagenera and I could not be happier with my new forgetii and warocqueanum! Plants came with almost no damage and super healthy roots. I would totally recommend it!
Unrooted chunk with two leaves
Unfortunately my forgetii came completely without roots, it was not rotten or anything like this, there were no roots from the beginning. I am trying to root it in spagh but I dont know if I succeed
Very pleased!
I purchased two very beautiful and healthy plants. they had medium size leafs in perfect condition and a great and healthy root system. The leafs are super dark and velvety with very prominent white veins.
Super happy with this plant.
Very pleased
I'm very pleased with all of the plants I've ordered from Ecuagenera Ecuador. I've ordered several in two batches and both came in in great condition. All were packaged well and held the trip. I've lost two leaves from the Pastazanum, but otherwise all plants came in with relatively low to no root rot. I like my Forgetti. The dark, velvety texture in contrast to the white veining is so attractive.
It's not just the looks
Ordered three of these. All are on the small side and have 5 to 6 beautiful leaves. Unfortunately, in spite of their looks, one came with bad root rot and had basically not a single living root left. The others have good and healthy root system.
Exceeded my expectations!
It arrived quickly with priority shipping & arrived in perfect condition. Four beautiful, big leaves and lots of long roots! Ecuagenera’s customer service via email was also super helpful with my acclimation & potting mix questions. Thank you for providing such amazing plants at affordable prices!
Aggressive grower
Plant survived transit very well, with little to no damage to the leaves. Once potted, it was quick to acclimatize and the newer leaves started growing exponentially, doubling in size. Its now averaging a new leaf every 1.5 mths.
Poorly packaged, still stunning (my 2nd one from here)
I loved my first forgetii 'white stripes' from here so I bought another. The second one came in with two BEAUTIFUL dark leaves and what looked like healthy roots. Turns out the root ball all came from one root off the stem, which had been snapped by the tight plastic wrapping around the moss. So the plant effectively came with four ~1 inch roots on it. 2-3 weeks in and it actually is doing okay though, and hasn't shown any yellowing in its leaves yet. It has a thick stem at its base so maybe that's serving as a reservoir for it without any roots. Still gorgeous!
awesome plant
The plant arrived in good condition. 3 healthy leaves and amazing root system.
Wonderful anthurium
I received this anthurium about 1 month ago, and it arrived in beautiful condition with three large leaves, big healthy roots, and no damage. It hasn't put out any new growth yet, but it's still looking absolutely pristine so I'm happy! For reference, I'm in California and I paid for the upgraded Express shipping.
Large heathy plant. Very Happy!
Plant in very good condition on arrival. Strong, healthy roots. One month later it is still doing well, no new growth yet but all the leaves are still in great condition. No pests, no root rot, no leaf drops!
small but lovely
a lot smaller than expected and not the size of the product image at all, but still lovely and healthy and it shipped well. Hope it'll grow bigger soon!
Very Healthy Plant
Arrived in great condition. A few leaves slightly damaged but as expected. Great little plant with plenty of healthy roots and growth points. Very happy with this plant.
Perfect plant in a great quality
great compact plant with healthy roots and 4 leaves. Many thanks for a good deal!
Came in healthy!
This plant came in with a decent root system and an almost matured new leaf! Though the leaf rotted off during the acclimation process, the plant itself is still doing very well and has handled the transition to lower humidity over the past month very nicely. Hope it throws out a new leaf soon.
I received a very small plant with small roots. I expected a bigger plant or with at least a better root system. I am a little disappointed with this purchase
Amazing roots system
I received very beautiful one which roots were thick and healthy! Leaf is no damaged and I’m so happy.
Thank you for great quality and reasonable price!
I’ll purchase some others next time.
flawless leaves
the plant came in great condition with absolutely no damage on the leaves! i'm really happy with my purchase
Very good
Mine came in a healthy condition and a new leaf. The new leaf got fungus infection and died but rest of the plant is healthy. Its been 2 weeks with me. I hope it will survive. I don't know how other vendors will be with their plant and service but not planning to change ECUAGENRA for other vendors. :D
As always, huge leaves!
My forgetii came in with three leaves about 6 inches long. Three weeks into the acclamation process and there has been no loss and only more root growth.
Just like pictures, very healthy roots.
I love this plant and mine came in with three beautiful leaves and a very healthy white root system, larger than my fist when bunched together. One leaf came with a torn petiole and it had healed by the time it arrived and is still fully green 2 weeks after arriving!
I received a small but healthy plant. Did not look stressed with shipping. I wish it could have been bigger. This plant does well even with long-distance travel.
Came in great condition, packaging was decent; specimen was larger than expected
The plant is now aclimating in my home, but it doesn't look like it has even noticed being shipped yet.
Would recommend. Support of ecuagenera is helpful and answers very kindly.
The plant i got is slightly bigger than the one in the picture. It has a small root system and a bit of rot though, but overall im really happy that i got this plant.
Healthy plant
Received a large healthy and strong seedling.
A lot of healthy roots and newest leaf on its way.
It traveled well and was well packed and secured.
All in all, a healthy plant.
Healthy and thriving
Plant arrived healthy. It hasn't given me a new leaf yet but the roots are poking out of the pot after only about three weeks. Mine wasn't as white as the pics but that might come with maturity? Anyway she is still beautiful.
Plant arrived healthy
The plant arrived healthy, although they are 1 to 2 torn leaf which is part and parcel from long-distance travelling.
healthy nice plant
healthy nice plant, and they really pack really well and protected, thank you
The plant arrived extremely healthy and more beautiful than I thought.
Very bushy,
Plant came in very good condition and very bushy, Good size. Not damaged from the shipping, very pleased
Ships Well
Arrived in good condition - with limited yellowing. Still trying to fully re-root.
Cute round plants - EU delivery
I ordered 4 of these and so far they are really well acclimating to new environment. They have at least 4 leaves each and lots of healthy roots. They have minimal cosmetic damage like marks and scratches on the surface which is expected during delivery of plants. Would definitely recommend buying them. Delivered to me during below zero conditions without a heat pack.
I ordered two and both came in amazing! One has a bit of root rot but nothing I can’t handle. They each have 4-5 leaves and have new growth coming in! They are absolutely stunning and would order again!
Beautiful young plants
I ordered two of them one has larger leaves than the other, looks like the second picture. Love shopping on Ecuagenera, very positive experience!! Always getting my orders extremely well packed and with express shipping, within 1-2 days.
3 plants were ordered, and apart from some transit damage and creases to the leaves, the plants were in good shape with excellent roots. Very pleased with this order.
Perfect as always
I ordered 2 anthuriums white stripes in the middle of the winter yet they arrived fast, super well packed and in perfect conditions. Again a 10!
Perfect packaging! The plant is thriving, after 1 week and i have a new leaf...
Fantastic packing and beautiful plant
I wasn't able to get to the post office until 3 days after the plant was delivered, but I was SO pleased when I opened the package. The plant had new roots happily exploring the sphagnum moss, and the leaves were totally safe in the several layers of careful packaging. Very pleased with this shipment from Ecuagenera!
Sehr schön
Ich habe die Pflanze in Schloss Holte abholen können und bin begeistert. Die Pflanze ist gut bewurzelt und in gutem Zustand
Smaller than expected
I received a plant with 2 leaves but the plant including roots was smaller than my hand with fingers open. Disappointed with the size
Plant arrived with three leaves, healthy roots. Medium size plant as specified, happy with it!
Big plant!
I received a nice, big plant with two leaves - one almost the size of my head. Healthy roots and no cold damage even though a heatpack was not included as promised.
Good to have
Arrived in good condition.
Leaves are intact but small form
Root system stable.
healthy roots, small plant
I was hesitant on ordering in winter and by the time of delivery it was below zero Celsius. The package had no heat pack as promised.
The plant had frost bites on the leaves and these parts have dried out. Root system was great, so I am happy with that a lot. Now after 4 weeks it has grown extensive areal roots and is pushing a new leave. The plant size could have been bigger, though.
Healthy Beautiful Plants
The plants that I received were healthy and arrived a great condition.
Small but good
Maybe a bit pricey for the size. It was a small plant, but roots were perfect which i definitely prefer over larger leafs icw bad roots.
Plant started growing immediately and its new leaf is like handsized (average hand)
small but healthy
Unlike what they promised, the packaging had no heat packs in it. However, It arrived in a good condition.
The size of the plant is also not really pleasing. It should have been sold as a seedling for a lower price.