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Philodendron sharoniae Mosquera

Philodendron sharoniae Mosquera

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Not sure
The leaves look quite different than in the picture, it arrived in a moderately ok condition. It's not acclimating as well as other plants, but still, it looks like it's going to survive.
Beautiful plant, all green :)
This plant had (also) a rough traveling. It arrived all nice and so far fine. It has 6 leaves and all of them are fine from top to bottom, even the very fresh young one. I love it.
Gorgeous, big and healthy plant
Exceptional plant. 6 huge sheets (30cm long), healthy, perfectly wrapped. Sending a bit long, but the wait was worth it.
after 15 days at home the plant is still doing very well and a new leaf arrives. The roots are important and the leaves are very green. Thanks Ecuagenera!
Healthy and Vigorous
Ordered Philodendron sharoniae and a crystalinum, received both within ~2 weeks. They arrived looking very healthy. The sharoniae arrived with 4 leaves, the longest leaf was 7-8 inches. In approx. ~2 months it has grown a new leaf approx. 9 inches long and another is forming. The crystallinum has also put out a beautiful new leaf since arriving that is almost double the size of the existing leaves.
Hard plant
Received a juvenile that looked nothing like the picture here - looks more like a tenue. Leaves have remained small after 7 months despite staking, with frequent yellowing. Not sure if its me, or just an unhealthy specimen.
Not for beginners
Received this plant expecting it to he some where similar to the photo. It was not! It was a slim stalk with few short leaves. Neither the stem or the stalk looked like it is from cuttings. If you are expecting it to be as shown. Take it at your own risk. Think about it for the price of this and size. I rather pay for regale giving me large rhizome.
young plant
I bought this few months back and I received a young plant, nothing like the picture, had multiple small leaves again I really hope I was sent the correct plant since it doesnt look like the one pictured here