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Epidendrum calanthum
Epidendrum calanthum

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Number of ratings: 5
Average rating: 3.8
Healthy but sulking a bit
Healthy plant when I picked it up three weeks ago that's been sulking a bit since being shipped and repotted. New growth and roots showing, so I hope to have healthy leaves and roots soon,
great plant
Healthy plant that's close to blooming size and doing well so far.
Broken Yellow leafes, desapointed
Aunque la planta tiene buen tamaño. Creo que debido a un deficiente empaquetado la he recibido con el cepellón desmoronado y desecado lo que ha hecho que la planta tenga mal aspecto lo que me hace dudar de su viavilidad.
Second time was a charm
I had an order that overheated in transit and this one was among the ones that arrived in poor condition. Ecuagenera shipped a replacement from the next available show location and it arrived in great shape! Thanks for being easy to work with!