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Number of ratings: 40
Average rating: 4.2
I wpuld give it 10 stars if i could
The plant itself far exceeded my expectations. Literally my new favorite plant out of the 300+ i own. The leaves are huge and magnificent, the roots are huge! Shipped good even arrived the same day we were having an ice storm here and its amazing! Sellers customer service is wonderful, very responsive and informative.
Amazing quality
Very good quality. Great roots and much larger plant then I expected. Leaves are healthy and are very pretty.
Large and beautiful specimen. Very happy with my purchase. Travels well, but might need to be re-rooted. Soaked in water+hydrogen peroxide+super thrive for a few hours. Then left in water and placed in high humidity environment to re root.
roots were completely rotten
roots were completely rotten when i received it. i've had the plant for a month now, and it's still droopy and i'm really having a hard time to rehab it. tho it is cheaper, id rather buy locally to save myself from headache
Nice plant
Received a large specimen. Great leaves and great roots!
Good plant
I got a nice good sized plant, not huge but also not tiny. Leaves roots are all ok. Only the emerging leaves is yellowing, but this is the transport stress and it is fine for me.
Beautiful, healthy plant
This plant has well established roots and new growth in the way. It acclimated quickly and easily to average household conditions. Highly recommend!
Really good deal for the price!
Plant stood up to shipping quite well but arrived with pretty rough/rotten roots. Nothing too major but definitely be aware that you may have to do some propping upon arrival. Overall very happy with this purchase as the plant was quite large!!
Beautiful plants
These plants stood up to shipping, no damage at all. The leaves are big! Very happy with the size. I've had them for a little over a month now and have acclimated to 9b nicely. Thank you!
Healthy plant..
Beautiful plant and healthy; a little smaller than expected, is it because I bought it when it was on sale!? My is not a specimen.
Good health, good roots, very happy ;)
Beautifull plant with 5 leaves! Top
Excellent specimen
Larger than I expected. So surprised to receive a huge plant. Amazing pricing and quality. So happy to finally check this off my philo wish list :)
A big healthy specimen with good roots.
I received the package around a week ago and I am really happy with this purchase. It is a big 2 leaf specimen with new growth coming. Really happy to add a Sodiroi to my collection.
Really healthy
Arrived in great condition, healthy and good roots, has many leaves on it. Now I just need to pot it.
Excellent specimen at the price
Received a medium sized plant which rooted in a week and now has transitioned into soil. When it arrived it had one baby leaf and 2 mature slightly yellow leaves. The leaves have the subtle silver pattern resembling true P. sodiroi. The 2 slightly yellow leaves lost turgor pressure after a week and wilted so I had to cut them off but the young leaf hardened and is still going good. This sodiroi aff is strong af !
Wish I could review the ACTUAL plant but...
They sent me a pasta x Sodiroi aff by accident (which a customer service rep admitted via email after I supplied pics). They offered 20% off a replacement for the correct plant. So I ordered another. They sent me the exact same plant, this time with 4/5 leaves yellowing and most of the roots rotted. This time they said it was the actual Sodiroi aff (it wasn't. This one, like the other, has no silver, is round and pillowy, & has a red dot where the petiole meets the leaf). She also said the roots are dry & not rotted. They're actually mushy & wet due to the wet sphag it was shipped in. Needless to say they lost me as a customer.
It is a beautiful plant. It is struggling but I think it will make it. It had good roots and big leaves but stressed from shipping. overall I am happy with it
No green pattern at all
I got a boring solid green plant with no green pattern at all. Doesn't look like a Sodiroi aff at all. Upon contacting the shop I was told I could return the plant and get a more mature one with silver pattern. Asked for a photo of the plant I would supposedly get in return, as the Sodiroi has silver pattern from the beginning, not only when it is mature, so that did not make sense. I did not get a photo. This wasn't my first order, but my last. What you see is not what you get.
Beautiful plant, great roots
I ordered my plants in late December and received notification from Ecuagenera that shipment would not go out until February, which I was totally fine with. Once they were ready to ship, they asked if I wanted to upgrade shipping, since it was still very cold in my area, I’m in NYC. I paid the extra fee for overnight shipping, but thanks to the PO’s mishandling, I did not receive my package until over a week later. Of course, by that point the plants were totally dead, to my great disappointment, as the size of the plants was beyond anything I could have hoped for. I never imagined that I would get such large specimens, especially for the price, made all the sadder, as they did not survive the trip. I emailed customer service immediately, and they worked with me to send me replacements. It took about another month to receive my plants, which at that point, I was willing to wait even longer to avoid having the same disaster happen, but they sent the plants at their own expense, next day, and I received the most beautiful plants. I could not be happier with them and I will be forever grateful for the great care that Ecuagenera gave my plants, and me, throughout this whole process.
Large and beautiful plant
The plant arrives in perfect condition. After under my care for about 2 months, it is having a new leave!!
This is a beautiful specimen of a plant. Had great root system and big healthy leaves
This is a gorgeous plant. Arrived in great condition. Super healthy. Similar to whats pictured. Happy with my purchase
Good size, good roots, like photos
This plant came in much larger than I expected based on previous shipments I received. But it pretty much matches the photos, so I am very happy. The leaves don't have much silver variegation at all, but it's there. And tbh I kind of love it how it is. The roots were pretty robust and it had a new leaf ready to unfurl when it arrived. The leaf has unfurled in the two weeks since and become a very lush dark green with light variegation. I'm so pleased with this one!!
Poor root systems but it’s ok
Came with really poor root systems..only 2roots left:-)
But it’s ok they will rehab.
Bigger than pics and not as silvery
Sodiroi is cllimber but this one is creeping like pastazanum and mamei or deliverd wrong one.
Anyway I like it
Outstanding product for the price
Plant I received looked similar to the one in the example photos. The communication from the seller was excellent. I received confirmation of my order then later notification that it had shipped. It arrived in great shape considering the winter season here. I will buy again without hesitation.
just like the picture
This plant came with good roots and the leaves are pretty much the same as the pictures. Overall I think the plant is healthy and It came with little to no damage to roots or leaves.
Arrived in good shape, it's bigger than I expected which makes me happier. Good root system, not too much damages. Worthy buying.
Happy with my purchase.
A healthy plant with a good root system. Leaves are larger than expected.
Happy with the size and quality. Healthy plants and no sign of travel.
Arrived in okay condition. Leaves were wilthy but expected. The leaves and chonk are huge, plus good root system.
Nice sized plant. Very healthy with new growth. But didn't look a lot like the pictures.
Lovely silver plant
This plant arrived in great condition with huge leaves, a great root system and pushing out a new leaf on arrival - which has now hardened up beautifully!
Small plant
Received one in good condition with 3 small leaves. Wasn't expecting such a small plant. Look a bit different from the pictures.
A nicely sized plant with new growth tip
My Sodoiroi Aff is absolutely gorgeous and thriving. The leaves, the patterns - beautiful & healthy roots as well. As always shipping was prompt and within the time frames specified - Elizabeth is always courteous and kept me informed about shipping info.
Not Sodiroi
Plant that arrived is quite healthy but absolutely is not Sodiroi.
Beautiful, healthy plant
I made the same mistake as others thinking this plant was a sodiroi, but we all probably missed the “aff” or didn’t know what it meant. Despite this, I received a beautiful, healthy plant with two huge leaves. And it is similar to a sodiroi. Their customer service team is excellent and responsive and kept me updated throughout my plant’s shipment. If you have any questions about the plants listed, you should just ask them because they’re really helpful. I will absolutely be buying from them in the future.
Beautiful and healthy plant
I received a healthy plant with 5 leaves and a new one on the way. The smallest leaf is 2" across and the largest leaf is around 5". The photos accurately represent what I received. Very happy with my purchase!
Beautiful Plant.
Plant shipped really well considering the really long shipment to the UK. The plant has recovered well and is already pushing a new leaf through. Nice healthy roots ready for repotting in time to come. Great!
Sodiroi Not even close
The plant arrived in great condition. I am giving it two starts because this is not a sodiroi and should not be called a sodiroi. Sodiroi has a bumpy red petioles (stem)not a smoth green petioles. I should have looked at the photos better. If you like the looks of this plant the you should purchase it. If you are purchasing this plant because it's being called a sodiroi you should not buy.

This plant should be given a new name l. It's a great looking plant just not a sodiroi not even close.
Beautiful plant but its not a Sodiroi
I received 3of them and it is a absolutely beautiful plant but it is definitely not a Sodiroi. Seems to be something between a Sodiroi, Mamei and Peltatum..!? Beautiful plant anyways, just not what it is labelled to be.