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Philodendron cf. malesevichiae

Philodendron cf. malesevichiae 

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Number of ratings: 4
Average rating: 4.8
Plant arrived in a great mood. It came as a vine almost one metre in length with many green leaves. It’s a beautiful plant. My mistake was leaving it aside for a couple of days, not checking the media which was bone dry. This caused a few leaves to yellow when I finally watered it about 4 days after it’s arrival. It’s acclimating well and I can already see new leaf growth.
very nice
plant arrived in very good condition & I can't wait to place another order
Beautiful plant
a nice little vine for a small price
This species in it´s juvenile form is an inconspicuous little vine with small pretty thick leaves that come along with hairy petioles at the leave base. The second picture shows more realistically how the plant i received looks like in person.

I don´t know how the adult form will look like compared to the one shown on aroidpictures.fr, or if it will stays small, so keep that "cf." in mind.

My plant came with 9!!! Leaves and had a decent size. Roots were healthy, no complains to make. The newest leave sadly got stuck but this guy is pushing out leaves fast even with 50% humidity sitting 2m next towards a west window in winter.