Customer ratings for Dendrobium amabile

Dendrobium amabile

Dendrobium amabile

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Number of ratings: 7
Average rating: 4.3
A healthy, decent-sized plant
With tall, vigorous canes, this plant was just reaching mature size. The roots were mostly dead due to shipping but new root growth has started about a month after delivery and overall the plant is still looking good.
Nice and beaitiful plant
Hope to see its flowers soon.
What great plant!!!
This plant is huge and very healthy. I expect it to bloom this year!!
This plant is absolutely stunning, with very large leaves that arrive in great shape. I can't wait for it to flower. It's doing great weeks after arrival.
Nice plant
It’s really nice plant. I hope next year will be blooming.
A great dendrobium
Very healthy hopefully it blooms this spring
Healthy mature canes with numerous roots. Looks like it may be large enough to bloom next year. Very pleased with the size and quality of this plant.