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Average rating: 4.5
Now I know Why This Plant is the QUEEN of Anthuriums
I purchased my queen anthurium from the greenhouse in CA, it had two leaves that were 11” and 12” long. I was told that these are harder to take care of than other anthuriums. It immediately pushed out an inflo and then a 23” long leaf! The quality of Ecuagenera’s plants is very high. I am so pleased.
Big, beautiful & healthy! Great Value!
Plant arrived with 3 velvety leaves, it stands about 20" tall. In very good condition, with a little damage to leaves, but nothing serious. I put it in very chunky mix, including perlite, leca and orchid bark, in a slotted orchid container for air. A very good value - I'm in Washington state, day temps are 75-85F and nights are 50-60F.
So Beautiful But declined Quick..
Update to Previous rating---This was the entire reason I did an order here was for this plant. It was BEAUTIFUL when it arrived 3 large Leaved one medium leaf and a new leaf coming. However that's where the beauty ended the plant yellowed quickly and rotted even with just light moisture I had it in. I tried hydro- spag and bark - spag, perlite coco coir a dusting of cactus soil, coco chips, everything and it just didn't want anything humidity was kept between 60-95" in a cloche ror bag, I mean I did everything - and all I have left is a stump. hoping I can resuscitate her before the end of summer and The Stump is solid but I don't have too much hope even with the one large root I have left. So sad I did everything right and as recommended but each week it just got worse and worse. It is now in sphagnum and perlite only in a container outside I am hoping with the temps being 90's and in full on summer and humidity mode here in KY that we can promote some growth. fingers crossed.
BEAUTIFUL!! received with 5 Full Leaves!
I am so happy I got this plant, It has been on my wish list for quite sometime and I was finally able to make a purchase. She is Beautiful Hoping she acclimates well and I can keep her this beautiful, EC was also great in giving tips when emailing how to keep her this beautiful fantastic product and service.
Two big leaves in perfect condition. Not even a single defect. Very good developed root system.
Plant died shortly after arrival
Plant died shortly after arrival due to significant damage because of the cold. Ecuagenera did not offer me a replacement since I only informed them five days after arrival. This is really disappointing. I will not order again.
Plant came in really condition with amazing roots. One of the leaves did get a little damaged from moisture at the tip of it but other than that everything was perfect.
Just picked up this bad boy from the Toronto orchid show and oh my godddddddddddd. The three leaves are massive. There is some minor cosmetic damage that is irrelevant to me because its otherwise big and healthy. Thank you for letting me purchase my dream plant!
Beautiful and healthy
I received a very good looking and healthy plant with healthy roots, 4 beautiful leaves with 2 measuring more than 30cm.
Very satisfying for the price
Arrived huge with great roots, but there is some damage from the leaves that comes from shipping
Beautiful, but know what you're getting into
Had 3 leaves, and was bigger than I expected. There was pretty minimal damage on the roots as well. It's been almost 11 months and the plant is still alive and still has all 3 of those original leaves.. but the 2 new leaves both have significant damage due to insufficient/inconsistent humidity in my conditions.

The plant was great. If you want it to grow amazing beautiful leaves, I would recommend making sure your humidity won't dip below ~60%.
A fallen queen / Una reina caida
En español al final.- I bought this plant and another 6 for sale during the balance of December 2022, most of them arrived in good condition. I don't know if it's because it's a promotion, but the plant received is far from being an export product. I think that the deterioration observed in the plant is prior to shipment since it was a national shipment (only a couple of days in transit) and the leaves have old scars. The positive: it is a plant with three leaves. But the leaves of the plant are yellowish and broken as if it had gone through a long period of drought, possibly for this reason the roots are not very healthy. Actually, I'm not sure if it will survive the acclimatization period, I remember that this is a relatively delicate plant and when those senescence mechanisms are activated it is difficult to reverse them. It also seemed a bit small to me, despite the fact that it was the second-largest presentation available, the largest leaf does not exceed 30 cm. As with the other plants that came in the shipment, I consider that the treatment given by the Ecuagenera staff during the shipment was satisfactory. However, I contact the person who supported me during the shipment to tell her about this situation so far I have not received any solution or compensation. I spent a lot of time exploring whether or not to trust this company and despite what is reported in this review, I think that although the performance can improve in general, the rest of the plants received along with this Queen Anthurium have been quite adequate. I think the packaging could and should be significantly improved.

Compré esta planta y otras 6 en venta durante el balance de diciembre 2022, la mayoría llegagaron en buenas condiciones. No sé si por tratarse de una promoción pero la planta recibida esta lejos de ser un producto de exportación. Pienso que el deterioro apreciado en la planta es previo al envio, ya que se trato de un envio nacional (solo un par de dias en transito) y las hojas presentan cicatrices antiguas. Lo positivo: es una planta con tres hojas. Pero las hojas de la planta estan amarillentas y con roturas como si hubiese pasado por un periodo largo de sequía, posiblemente por esta misma causa las raices no estan muy saludables. En realidad no estoy seguro si sobreviva el periodo de aclimatamiento, recuerdo que esta es una planta relativamente delicada y cuando esos mecanismos de senecencia se activan es dificil revertirlos. También me pareció un ejemplar un poco pequeño, a pesar de que era la segunda presentación mas grande disponible, las hoja mas grande no supera los 30 cm. Al igual que con las otras plantas que venian en el envío considero que el trato dado por el personal de Ecuagenera durante el envio fue satisfactorio. No obstante, contacte a la persona que me apoyo durante el envio para contarle sobre esta situación y hasta ahora no he recibido ninguna solución o compensación, tal vez ocurra mas adelante. Pase nucho tiempo explorando si confiar o no en esta empresa y a pesar de lo relatado en esta reseña creo si bien el desempeño puede mejorar en general ha sido bastante adecuado el resto de plantas recibidas junto a esta Qeen Anthurium si llegaron bastante bien. Creo que el embalaje podria y deberia mejorarse significativamente
5 stars
The Warocqueanum I received was bigger than expected and so healthy!! I’m astonished at how this company managed to get it all the way to the UK through sub zero temperatures and still have it look as good as it does. Exceeded my expectations significantly, thankyou!(accidentally gave 4 stars in my last review)
5 stars
The Warocqueanum I received was bigger than expected and so healthy!! I’m astonished at how this company managed to get it all the way to the UK through sub zero temperatures and still have it look as good as it does. Exceeded my expectations significantly, thankyou!
Decided to buy another one because of the Black Friday Sales.
It did not disappoint me. Beautiful and healthy! And arrived safely. Good size plant with three big leaves.
5 stars
The size of this Waroc must be the biggest form considering for the price I paid. It's alive and matured, very long also. It has 3 leaves with smalls cuts to the side of the leaves. Imperfect but its okay as long as its alive I will wait for the new leaf. At least it's not forced to be harvested because the leaves are hardened already. I like this Queen.
Smaller than expected
I bought 2 full sized ones and was a little disappointed with the leaf size. Its around 30-32cm. I saw on videos of others receiving much larger leaves like 40cm and above. Plant looks healthy with good roots.
Beautiful Queen
Received this in the spring. It arrived beautiful, no rot and huge chonk, root balll and two 12 to 14 inch long leaves with minor damage. Soaked roots in water for a couple of hours and potted. Within the first month it was actively rooting, never lost a leaf during acclimation and at this point 5 months later I still have the leaves it was sent with plus 3 others and they are around 20 inches long. So i am extremely happy with choice to buy my queen here
Slightly damaged
Nice looking but one leaf died after 2 weeks! Small to medium size.
The plant arrived healthy, with dark, big leaves and a great rootsystem almost a month ago. Now she started to grow and feel good in her new home. Thank you!
I was absolutely happy to receive a perfect specimen of a. warocqueanum.
It was the same size as pictured, beautiful and healthy plant.
Have purchased plants before from ecuagenera and will purchase yet again in the future.
the plants I bought are beautiful!! I bought two queens! and most importantly the customer service is top-notch!! they are still helping me with one of the two as I'm learning about this plant as I go and I can't not appreciate this enough! thank you!
Very nice, healthy plant!
Healthy plant shipped all the way to Sweden. No problem problems with roots or leaves. Have it in my cabinet with some extra humidity for now (just to be safe).
Beautiful, big healthy plant
I got this plant 3 months ago. It was a big specimen with healthy roots. After this time, it gave me a new leaf and still looks happy. So am I!
I need ALL the Warocs!
I have purchased a few of these now and really can't recommend them enough. I have had 2-3 come in amazing condition, no leaf loss, fabulous roots and just stunners. I have had about 2-3 come with leaves that struggled and lost a couple leaves but the chonk and roots have been amazing so I know they will come back with great leaves as it grows. Still so worth it as the amazing ones are AMAZING!!!
Huge, healthy specimens!
I’ve been amazed by the size of queens I’ve gotten! They ship surprisingly well.
Plant itself is very beautiful and has a healthy rootsystem
Plant itself is very beautiful and has a healthy rootsystem
Shipment arrived earlier by one day than expected. It came with 2 big leaves about 45cm each. It was well packed and roots are big, juicy and healthy. One of the leaves had some mechanical damage probably due to handling. The other was perfect. Overall an satisfied customer.
4 Large Leaves!
Came on time. Arrived in perfect shape with a large root mass and four leaves, the largest of which measures a foot and a half long! About 1 month later and the plant is doing well. Would defiantly recommend ordering from Ecuagenera!
beau mais abîmé
Malheureusement cette magnifique plante est arrivée avec une des 2 feuilles cassées. et vue la feuille cela s'est produit en la mettant dans le colis.... La personne ayant cassée la branche aurait du changer la plante!! la seule solution était de renvoyer la plante et attendre longtemps donc la plante aurait encore souffert donc je l'ai gardé. JE ne commanderai plus chez vous
Exceeded my expectations!
I ordered 2 queens because I had read that they are a hit or miss. Both of mine arrived with 3 huge leaves. None of the leaves have declined but neither have grown new leaves yet. (I've had them for about 3 months at this point)
Complete Root Rot but Gorgeous Wide Leaf Form
Unpackaged my plant and the entire root ball was crunched and partially rotted. Would have been able to save most of the root system if they had been carefully packed in the moss instead of how it was clearly rushed to be packed where the roots suffered dozens of breaks along the roots leaving them unsalvageable.
Awsome plant overall
The packaging was Ok, leaves came slightly damaged on the bottom parts, but I believe its not easy to pack since the leaves are so long. Other than that it came healthy, started rooting shortily after I potted it. Love it
Exceeded my expectations!
This is my second warocqueanum from Ecuagenera. This one was shipped a lot better than the other one and also had an inflorescence on it. Roots were really healthy too. It has been a month and it still has all of its leaves!
Absolutely Stunning
My Queen arrived perfectly. No yellowing or rotten roots. It was my first Warocqueanum & when I pulled it out of the packaging I was speechless! Ive had it for 3 weeks now & it's still looking good. Growing roots & working on a new leaf. Out of 16 plants I have purchased from Ecuagenera, none have died. A couple have been turned into wet sticks/chonks. I've lost a handful of leaves & a couple are still limp after a few weeks but they are working on new roots. I definitely recommend upgrading your shipping. You may as well spend a little extra to make sure your plants come quickly as possible. I will also say the plants are packaged extremely well. Free heat packs have been thrown in with my orders as well. Living in MN only one plant got a little cold damage. I seriously recommend ordering from Ecuagenera. I have a plant Instagram page where I share import plant hauls & updates on my imports. @tiffmarieplants
Great Specimen good packaging
I got the plant on March 9th and today is April 1st.
It got a heatpack near the roots and great packaging.
When it got sent later than expected, the service was fast and told me when it should be shipped.
The roots and leaves still lock great. It came with two 35cm leaves.
Would order again.
Comme d'habitude magnifique plante bien mature ! en plaine santé !
The plant has slight transport damage on both leaf tip. However nothing major. Very satisfy with the purchase.
A lal fecha no se hicieron responsables, las plantas llegaron muertas. Les envie las fotos y nada.
This Warocqueanum arrived in perfect condition. The customer service was amazing. Israel helped me and made sure my plants arrived when I came home from being out of town. I highly recommend!!
very very good
Nothing in more to tell, the plant is beautiful... I live in north east of France and the product is arrived without problem
Amazing Queen!
This plant was the one I was most excited about in the shipment I received and my expectations were well exceeded! The plant's leaves are as long as my forearm plus my hand and they are so velvety. The chunk is massive and the roots were extremely healthy. It came with two leaves and a third on the way. The third hasn't unfurled yet but it looks like the bottom part of the leaf may have been damaged in shipping but its very very minimal. The pricing for the this size of this queen anthurium is unbeatable and it shipped perfectly!
I wanted this plant for so long, I'm a big anthurium lover and when I saw they were coming to my country for a show i thought this would be a great opportunity to get this baby! I was a bit scared to get it by mail since is a delicate plant and it's winter... but when I picked it up... i ordered 3 plants and they where all bitten up. Broken leafs and damaged leafs. The Anthurium had one yellow leaf and the other ones damaged, in two days the other leaf turned yellow and had some root damage. The sad part is the ones they had in the show for sale where beautiful and no damage. But they didn't allow me to change for one of those... i would have preferred not to order it in advance and just get one of those in there... was really disappointed how the plants were treated and unfortunately I wasn't the only one. First thing the lady said when handing me the plants was if I had any complain I had to contact ecuagenera, she couldn't do anything... so i felt she knew already the state of the plants... and they were all thrown in a box behind the counter with no care for them at all... and unfortunately I wasn't the only one getting a poorly handed plant (previously bought) in this show.. my heart is broken...
much larger than expected, so many growth points and a week later she is doing great!
Incredible Queen!
So happy to finally have my queen in the greenhouse! It came with its largest leaf being around 8" long and the larger leaf was 14"! Seriously so impressed with the healthy and beautiful plant I scored.
Healthy and big
Great size for the price. Came in good shape and I haven’t lost a single leaf.
Great plant!
Praying she doesn't die back to a stump had over a week so big and beautiful
Lovely, well-rooted specimen. Two leaves, the largest over 19 inches long. Some minor scrapes and dents from shipping, but overall very healthy. Packaging was very tidy and secure. Ecuagenera was also extremely cooperative in helping me upgrade my shipping method, which helped my plants arrive safely during the winter!
I did not expect to see such a full, big plant when i opened the package. Packaged to perfection so there was NO shipping damage at all. This has been my top wishlist plant for so long. I am so happy i decided to buy it through ecuagenera, absolutely impressed!
Surpassed my expectations
From all the scary online stories, I really thought the queen anthurium was going to for sure die on me within a week because I don't have a green house perfect environment at home. However, there's something about Ecuagenera's quality that makes their plants sooooo tough. I've purchased a P. Pastazanum from them before and it was a huge success but that's another story. My queen anthurium came with three big juicy leaves (I'm talking about as big as my forearm). The oldest of them died and fell off after a couple weeks but the rest of the two have been stable. My humidity level is about 50%, and the leaves are still looking good. I let my queen rehab in a couple of water, and the roots have come in big, fat, juicy and healthy. Now it is pushing out its very first new leaf under my care after 2 months. Can't be more happy with it because it is SO STUNNING honestly I recommend this plant to everyone who is into big long dark foliage plants!
Excellent plants and service!
The plant arrived in EXCELLENT condition. Packaging showed they care about their products. The leaves were larger than described and didn't have any cuts, or brown/yellow spots. I look forward to my next purchase and their pop-up show.
super schöne Pflanze, 100% intakt
Ich hatte mir die Pflanze kurz vor Weihnachten 21 bestellt. Anvisiert wurde eine Lieferung am 2,/3. Februar22, was 100% geklappt hat.
Meine insgesammt drei Pflanzen, - König, Königin und ein Philodendron verrucosum kamen gut verpackt und sowohl die Blätter ,-schön lang und dunkel, als auch die Wurzeln 100% in Ordnung.
Die Pflanzen haben bei mir eine Temperatur von ca. 25Grad Celsius. Sie stehen auf Untersetzern, in denen Wasser steht , natürlich im Übertopf, damit sie keine Wurzelfäule bekommen, aber die Luftfeuchtigkeit schön hoch ist. Desweiteren habe ich einen Zimmerbrunnen aufgestellt und sie erhalten besonders jetzt im Winter 8 bis 12 Stunden Pflanzenlicht.
Meine bisherigen Erfahrungen besonders mit Philodendren haben gezeigt, dass diese Vorgehensweise scheinbar günstig ist.
Insgesammt möchte ich den wirklich sehr netten und freundlichen Kontakt loben. Da man immer informiert und wirklich persönlich angesprochen wurde, gab das ein Gefühl von Sicherheit.
Von Deutschland aus direkt in eQuador zu bestellen ist schon sehr aufregend. Ich habe es nicht bereut sondern im
Gegenteil, im Januar 2022 direkt eine zweite Bestellung getätigt.
5 Stars
I received my warocqueanum end of last month in impeccable condition. It came packed very well and no damaged leaves nor roots.

I live in Colorado and the humidity here is much lower than where this plant was shipped from, so naturally the leaves have began to discolor and will eventually fall due to the various stresses; this is completely expected though and I will need to gradually acclimate my plant to a dryer environment with artificial humidity via a humidifier. In the mean time, I have my plant in a ventilated Ikea styled cabinet with humidity at around 60%. I will most likely leave my plant in this cabinet until I see new growth.

Thank you so much for a wonderful experience and I am excited to watch my plant baby grow :)
Beautiful plant and long leaves
This plant also had a rough traveling. Arrived fine and beautiful, the roots and the leaves all without damage, and I hope - because it is a bit a difficult one - I can make it happy :)
Maravillosa reina
La espera mereció la pena, desde Ecuador a Zaragoza (España), tenia mis dudas en que estado podría venir la planta, pero una vez que la envían de Ecuador apenas tardó en llegar a Zargoza (aún estando en Alemania creo). Durante todo el tiempo no dudaron en resolverme dudas, y el resultado merecio la pena.

@calcetinesatopos podeis ver mi Anthurium warocqueanum.

Große gesunde pflanze
Better than I anticipated
I could not be any more happy. This plant met and exceeded my expectations. She was big and had not one but two leaves that measured well over a foot. Well packaged and healthy healthy healthy. I am located in California and shipping was fast. Will be ordering more plants soon!
Tips with dry up leaves.
good Packing,
It came with 3 leaves, only one looks good, the others are dry, the roots are good. I think it will recover.
This plant was like an unicorn to me. However I do not have the ability to keep it well. I went through three plants :(

The plants came in good condition. However it demands high humidity and adequate ventilation.
Great beautiful plant
Insta https://www.instagram.com/burgundy.z
Shipping to Austria in winter. Arrived in great condition with no sign of root rot and 2 leaves of approx. 30cm each. Almost 2 weeks after arrival plant is still going strong. No sign of shock.
It is the second time I order a queen from Ecuagenera and none of them have disappointed so far. The first queen I bought from ecua. gave me its first new leaf 3 months after arrival. I am convinced this one won't be much more of a challenge.
Warocequeanum came in good condition, leaves sligtly damaged but it grows nicely in my cabinet. Roots were in great condition.
Roots damaged
It looks OK upon arrival but the roots were damaged terribly. Hopefully I can save it!
They sent me an absolutely beautiful specimen with two massive leaves and a healthy, robust root system. She arrived very careful packaged and will absolutely recommend to anyone who's considering buying one to do so!
Received a four-leaved queen of size ranging from 30 - 40 cm. Shipped well and appears healthy. Now, may plant skill and luck prevail to keep it looking as divine as how it was unboxed.
Wow!! Stunner.
The plant I received has 2 leaves and one perfect root system. No complaints at all with this one. I have had it for close to 2 weeks and the leaves are still in perfect shape.
Healthy with good roots!
Ecuagenera has amazing service! I live in the Midwest (Ohio) and was really nervous about the shipment of my queen in january weather. Ecuagenera was very communicative and when i received my package, it was wrapped really well and they even included a heat pack! I was in awe of the condition of the leaves and even the roots!! Will be ordering again soon!
Beautiful and healthy
This was my favorite plant out of my whole order. It came with two very large and very healthy leaves. There were no crispy edges. Being that these plants were imported and shipped to Delaware, USA, I figured there would be some problems. However, the careful packaging and thoughtfulness of the preparations helped keep this plant and the rest of my plants in GREAT shape. I am looking forward to order more plants.
Will buy again
This was also part of my November 2021 order that I just received Jan. 2022. The condition of the plant looks healthy. The only reason I only gave it 4 stars, is because 2 leaves came with cuts out of the 3 leaves. Other than that the leaves are larger than I expected and there is no yellowing or crispy edges. I will definitely order again.
I am beyond happy with my Warocqueanum! This was my first purchase/plant from Ecuagenera, and I couldn’t be more satisfied. I got a beautiful, two-leaf specimen that is already showing signs of a new leaf. The roots are in excellent condition, and the large chonk looks great too. It is currently acclimating to my conditions. Ecuagenera will assuredly be seeing me again! You can see it and follow along for updates on my instagram @jungleoffulton
Left with a stump
It looked beautiful when it first arrived. However the leaves turned yellow and dropped after 3 weeks and now I am trying to rehab it back from a stump. Will order again and give it a last try.
2nd to none!
First time I ordered Warocqueanum as Im afraid I might not meet her needs. When I opened the box ( ordered a deal Warocqueanum and regale) I nearly cried with what I saw. The Warocqueanum has 2 leaves and each is about 45 cm. It is not a perfect leaves but close to perfection. The tip of both has brownings about 2 cm so I cut it off and treated with cinnamon. It has now a 3rd leaf and the 3rd leaf is growing bigger by the day. Its now about 30 cm. I did not inspect the roots when it came. I saw that the roots are not that great nevertheless I did not disturbed it. She now have new root growth and budding for another leaf. My intention was to sell this thats why I ordered but have decided to keep it for myself. The regale is another story. It is 2 leaves with 15 inches in lenght and 10 inches with with a new leaf about to unfurl. Im curious as to how big she will be. My regale is in our room with no heating 15 degrees winter no humidifier and no special lighting. Her roots are growing perfect. Love both of them . Love Ecuagenera.
At least I got one good photo to remember this plant by.
The leaves looked so good, I took a photo right away to share. Trimmed off rotted roots, prepared it to regrow roots and placed in my grow tent with 90%+ humidity. Told it goodnight. Next day one leaf was completely dried. Okay, that's fine. Next day the second leaf was yellow. Third day the yellow leaf fell off. Okay, I still had one beautiful leaf remaining. Fourth day, last leaf fell off. I inspect the stump and see it's mushy at the top and mushy through the middle. I had made a request for refund already for a plant that died on the third day thinking the other plants would be okay, but they were all dead within a week from cold damage that didn't show up right away. Very disappointing because I trusted Ecuagenera was experienced with winter shipping. I recieved plants from Indonesia the day after this order and every plant looked better upon opening, had minimal root issues, and is doing very well whereas I don't even have salvageable nodes or chonks from my Ecuagenera order.
Received 2 beautiful HUGE plants
Ordered 2x during the sale. What I received was beyond my expectations. Leaves as long as my arm! And these are acclimating much better than the smaller one i received earlier in the year that shed all it's leaves (the stem is finally pushing out new growth).
I order 2x and plant is nice and bigger. The problem is the way they pack.end up folding leaves and I feel bad bcus the plant is nice the packing is worse. Now my the half leaves turn yellow and I remove.
Hope ecuagenera sold problem about the way they packing. But still.thanks for nice plants
Wonderful as usual
This is the 3rd warocqueanum I've purchased from Ecuagenera simply because I love them and enjoy growing them so much. All of my plants are healthy and thriving and each time I've received one I've been amazed by the overall size and health of the plant.
I received the plant about 2 weeks ago, and it was so much larger than I expected, measuring 18inches on the largest leaf! Roots look pretty good, and it is working on some new one! Very pleased with this plant!
Exceeded expectations!
I ordered a queen during the Black Friday sale and when she arrived I was pleasantly surprised! She's huge and has 4 large leaves and a big healthy root system. There was a bit of physical damage on the leaves from shipping but nothing bad. Couldn't believe she traveled such a long way and still looked this good. I have her sitting in water to rehydrate a bit and then I will pot her up.
I was surprised when I first got it, it was bigger than expected. The leaf was a little bit damaged. The root is small but heathy. Very happy and will probably order another one.
Ordered 2 during the Black Friday sale. What I received far exceeded expectations! Leaves as long as my arm! Thanks for great plants, Ecuagenera!
Love it
I’ve had my queen for a couple months now and she’s doing great. I was surprised when I first got it, it was bigger than expected, the roots were a little fragile and one leaf was damaged but the other leaf was stunning. It’s been building strong roots rather quickly and seems to even be working on another leaf. Very happy and will probably order another one.
Cold damage after arrival
Although on arrival the plants looked ok, they quickly went downhill. It was clearly cold damage yet limited help from supplier.
Gorgeous plant
The plan I received was gorgeous. It had 4 big leaves on it. The roots were very healthy and it was well packed for chipping. The plant was bigger than I had expected. Great value. I highly recommend
I was stunned by the plant. It is just jaw dropping gorgeous. Ecuagenera outdid themselves. My plant has not lost a single leaf which honestly surprised me. But once you get the hang of acclimatizing anthuriums you are good to go, even if you lose all leaves. In this case I was pleasantly surprised. I wish I could share a picture because words fail to describe this Empress of the jungle. Thank you Ecuagenera and thank you Karla for your help.
Came with large leaves but a single root
Was happy with the plant on receipt as it had 3 large leaves. Quickly realized that it was chopped from a larger plant and it only had one root, which was not enough to sustain the plant. The leaves all died off within weeks I'm trying to rehab the stump but it's probably a lost cause.
Amazing Anthurium!
Received plant at the end of November 2021 well packaged and protected. It didn’t seem to have suffered on its trip to the UK, despite the very cold weather. Three large leaves and the roots were very healthy. Some growth on the way when it was shipped, but I’ll probably have to wait a while until the plant settles to continue pushing out new leaves. Not too much damage and the plant seems to be acclimatising really well. For pics check out @theplantparlourgram on Instagram. Thanks ecuagenera!
Beautiful queens
I received 2 beautiful queens that were packaged safely and securely. They had beautiful leaves over a foot long. Shipping was easy to the US and the sales team answered my questions by email.
The customer service is above and beyond!
The plant is HUGE and healthy! (If you wanna see what they sent me, check out my IG: @vibey.plants)
I have an unboxing reel & various pictures of this queen! It arrived in excellent conditions and the leaves are about 3+ feet long! AMAZING! AMAZING!
Excellent Specimen
Plant received in excellent conditions and new leaves sprouted.
Left with a stump
It looked beautiful when it first arrived. Truly wonderful looking plant however the leaves quickly dropped after transport and now I am trying to rehab it back from a wet stump. Fingers crossed I can do it.
Greetings from Oregon USA
Packing was a+ and shipping didnt take that long maybe 5-days at most regular ups shipping
Waroc, regale, and forgetti arrived in great condition, minor leaf damage as that can happen, roots are very healthy I got them potted and acclimating them now, got em in spag mix with humidifier and lights so aside from stress they are ok for now, but we shall see. If anythimg it was worth a try and honestly I really like this company regardless, they where responsive, kind and couldn't really ask for more, this is my first order so hopefully it wont be my last.
My new favorite! Came beautiful! No discoloration, scratch or dent!
This plant arrived with three beautiful leaves with minimal damage, a very long stem, and a mostly healthy root system. After approximately three weeks, it is mostly acclimated and beginning to recover from shipping. The oldest leaf began yellowing approximately a week and a half after arriving, though this is expected after shipping and it is still managing to hang on. Overall excellent purchase, assuming that your expectations are reasonable and you are willing to take the time for acclimation and rehabilitation.
Such a great purchase!
I was so excited to get this plant! It arrived in perfect condition, zero shipping damage. Great sized plant, 4 big leaves, the largest being 17"! Acclimated perfectly, zero yellowing or leaf drop. It is growing like a champ and has filled its pot with roots and has a new leaf coming all in a couple months of arrival. So happy I made the purchase!
This Anthurium shipped great! Arrived with two quite substantial leaves and is acclimating well.
Really happy with this which I believe to be the dark and narrow form of the Queen Anthurium!
A wishlist plant that I was so excited to find and it arrived in perfect condition! Three beautiful leaves and two new ones starting to grow. No shipping damage or crispy edges at all! So incredibly pleased with this purchase!
Arrived with no damage with big leaves. No problems in acclimation, highly recommended.
Huge, healthy, stunning plant!!
She arrived with two huge, gorgeous dark and narrow leaves, massive stem, and lots of healthy roots! Such a gorgeous plant, I literally can't stop staring at her! Thank you so much Ecuagenera, I appreciate it!
Stunning plant!
I've had my waroc for quite some time now and she's doing fantastic. Her acclimation process went very well and she's a beautiful, healthy plant that has most recently put out an incredible 17in/43cm leaf.

Highly Recommend
Beautiful! This is my second order of the queen anthurium as my first didn't survive, but this one was a large and healthy plant that is already growing new roots! I have it in a clear plastic pot in sphagnum moss.
Large and beautiful specimen! Currently is sitting in water to recover and re-root.
The leaves are turning grayish green.
I love this plant but the healthy leaves turned grayish green. I hope it will survive.
Everything about my order was perfect. The customer service is wonderful, the packaging could not have been better, and the Anthurium was even bigger than I thought it would be! Thank you guys!
This plant exceeded my expectations!! So grateful to have this in my collection. It came with two beautiful large leaves and one smaller leaf. I heard Warocs often experience shipping stress and don't acclimate well so I was a little worried. Surprisingly, this plant acclimated great for me and has already given me a new leaf that is larger than the originals and absolutely stunning. I still even have the original leaves it was shipped with. I do keep this in my GH cabinet where the humidity lingers between 75-85% and so far it seems really happy.
I bought 2 queens and the first one came with 2 beautiful and long leaves. The roots were rotten so I had to cut those back. The leaves curled up and turned yellow the next week and had to cut them up. I am left with a chonk in hopes it will root. The second one came with two decent sized leaves with ok roots. I've had to cut off one leaf and a majority of the roots but have a few good ones left so fingers crossed it will survive.
My queen arrived with 2 large, dark and narrow, velvety leaves. The root system is very limited and will likely decline very rapidly. Knowing how to rehab your imports will be the key to keeping this beauty thriving. In sphagnum moss, it took me about 2 months to grow a completely new root system and for my plant to throw out a new leaf. That seems like a long time, but this plant is large and beautiful. With some extra TLC and patience, it will continue to grow beautifully. I was so happy with this one I purchased a second.
Excellent condition
She had 2 big leaves in great condition. The roots were all healthy and she was packaged with care. This was my first time ordering and I was so impressed with the quality and customer service. Highly recommend!
Great plants
Received two of these, both in perfect condition, with huge leaves, and pushing out new ones. One of them even has an inflorescence which was a pleasant surprise.
My queen came in amazing condition no shipping stress or damage, looked like I had went to a pop up and bought myself. Amazing size, longest leaf was over 14 inches, root system was great and no rot. Would definitely purchase again!
Beautiful dark queen
I received a healthy queen anthurium with two long dark leaves and a new growth point!. Looks exactly like the product picture (minus minor cosmetic damages due to shipping). This was my first order from ecugenera and I only made the order because of this plant and the amazing price. I am very happy with all my plants and look forward to ordering more in the future!
5 stars
I'm a returning customer and appreciate the affordable prices that are offered for these beautiful plants. I picked up my queen at an orchid show which helped facilitate acclimation in my home. My anthurium Warocqueanum is thriving in my care and for the great price, received 3 mature leaves and another leaf developing.
Came with 3 huge almost perfect leaves and a new growth point! Lots of healthy roots too! No rehab needed.
Excellence Plant
i ordered 2 of the queen.. and the plants came to me with better expectations.. both plants have leafs that are around 40cm.. and both are healthy with good roots. however there are some fungal around the roots.. other than this, i will definitely buy again with Ecua.
Fantastic and Gorgeous ! :)
The plant arrived in Lisbon very well, very healthy, I love it, I'm very happy!
Good Size
When plant reaches Singapore, it was in good condition with healthy roots. Developed slight fungal, so please get your fungicide ready when upon receiving the plants. Would definitely purchase again when it's available. Thank you to Ecua Sales team for the speedy replies and courier over at TOH Gardens.
Stunning, so worth it
My plant has one giant leaf that looks exactly like the advertising photo. I have some baby leaves towards the bottom of the plant, and new growth too. No root rot. Would highly recommend.
I bought four of these beauties
I was so happy when my plants arrived. Most of them have a substantial root system. The leaves are huge - some were 19"! The leaves were all in good condition, no blemishes. I paid for these plants to be sent via express shipping; this method ensures that the plants healthy.
A real queen
Ordered two warocqueanum together with a friend. Plants were quite the same in size. One of them had a subliem large leaf and a smaller one, the other one had 2 beautifull leaves and a baby leaf on the way. They are both doing great. The baby leaf is succesfully growing, no damage from shipping, no brown edges or anything after 3 weeks. I use a growlight and humidifier. Very impressed by this plant
Beautiful Plant
Healthy plant with 2 large leaves (47cm long).
She was delivered faster than expected and was also super packed.
Some suffered no transport damage
Small but gorgeous
Plant arrived smaller than expected. However it was a very healthy specimen. Nice leaves and great roots! I would highly recommend
Great plant!
The packaging was good even though there were few damages in the leaves but that was something to be expected from import plants. The root system were really great. The plant arrived on the promised day. I will definitely order more plants from this website!
Arriver en parfaite santé
Super emballage
Livraison rapide
arrived in perfect condition and looks just like the picture
Highly recommend. I recieved my plant in April with two leaves and since then it has dropped its original leaves, but has grown back two perfect and large leaves. This is by far my most beautiful plant. Love it.
OMG my Queens!!!
I just love them !!! I kept ordering as soon as I saw one and they ALL came in almost perfect condition and are having baby leaves couple of months later, Do not hesitate to buy one , it is hardy and will not let your expectations down..Thank you Ecuagenera!!
Beautiful beyond expectation!!
I received this beautiful plant 09/13/2021 in Greece in perfect condition! It's acclimating just fine, perfect 3 leaves with minor blemishes and roots potted! The packaging in perfect condition and so professional! I highly recommend Ecuagenera !!
Dreamy, Well-Packed, Thank you!
The team packed the plant beautifully and it arrived quickly to CA with Express Shipping. Minor blemishes which are to be expected from transit but acclimated for 10 days in water and have been potted for a week now with no trouble. THANK YOU!
My queen is 5 stars!
Plant came in very healthy, despite the long journey to Georgia. My queen has 2 leaves both are over a foot long. Very minor blemishes on the leaves but that is expected, I would take this plant time and time again.
This anthurium is beautiful. Healthy and indescribably beautiful even though it has traveled half the world so I can admire it.
I highly recommend
This anthurium is beautiful. Healthy and indescribably beautiful even though it has traveled half the world so I can admire it.
I highly recommend
Gorgeous plant, roots are underdeveloped
First of all, the foliage on the plant I received is gorgeous! It came with three leaves and the largest leaf is around 14 inches in length, which is larger than I was expecting. It also has new growth coming in. There was some minor leaf damage from shipping, but this is to be expected. It was packed excellently and arrived in great condition (I payed the extra for the expedited 2-day shipping). It has been several weeks now and it still seems be healthy and is acclimating well.

The only reason I'm giving it 4 stars instead of 5 is because the roots were pretty underdeveloped on the plant that I received. It arrived with only a couple of tiny, stringy roots. This isn't a huge deal, but just be aware that the plant you receive may need to spend a few more weeks rooting in moss before moving it to soil.
Trouble acclimating A. Warocqueanum
I wanted to wait enough time for me to know better of the plants in acclimation. I got 2 Warocqueanum plants in July. So, it has been 2 months and both plants are struggling unfortunately. Both plants arrived with 2 large leaves and a huge bulb but almost no active roots. We often get focussed on the beauty of the foliage (and size of it in this case) while the essential part is actually the bottom (roots) of the plant. There are pros and cons of the mature plants. Good thing is they don't die easily and withstand better for the shipping stress. The bad thing is they stay dormancy for long once there is enough stress applied. All leaves had dried up within 3 weeks. I had to remove and cut off all parts leaving bare minimum for them to root properly. They are alive but roots are barely starting.

On the other hand, 2x A. regale plants arrived in concerning condition as one had a tissue damage on the active bulb but with more active roots. I made a good support for the petiole and it recovered from the damage and now have a firm bulb. New roots are growing hence they didn't lose any leaves though browning edges are present.

Overall, I prefer to get plants that stays in shape (with minor expected damage) rather than that I have to start over from bare minimum.
highly recommended
totally amazing !
Received some great plants with huge leaves both!
Very happy that also traveled to Europe in amazing good condition !

Thank you Ecuagenera and all the team for the great work and experience.
Everything is awesome!
I’ve been ordering from Ecuagenera for a year...

Today I received an eye popping Queen specimen (~50cm leaves) that made me went “wow”!

Next surprise! The Regale came with 2 perfect leaves!

This is probably the best unboxing experience ever. Can’t helping thinking if I’ve won 1st prize with these stunning beauties.

Thank you EG, for making my day!
I actually ordered the waroc + regale + compact, but the product is not on the website so I can't write a review there. These plants were delivered to Chicago in the spring. HUGE leaves on my regale and great roots. It's acclimated well in my greenhouse cabinet, kept both leaves and no crispy edges or yellowing/dropped leaves. The warocqueanum dropped all of the smaller leaves but the big leaf is doing well and it came with great roots as well.
Good while it lasted
Both were creased and very dry when they arrived. Both didn’t acclimate well and I lost the leaves. Within 2 hours, the leaves dropped and didn’t recover despite being in my greenhouse. With the week, I was left with nodes and roots. The Regale looks to be recovering well, but sadly I can’t say the same for the Queen.
couldn't be happier
shipped well to singapore
both plants came amazing and beautiful, with great root systems. such a good bargain
In love
This price is honestly a steal. Both plants came healthy with large thick leaves. Good amount of healthy roots. I've had no issues acclimating either of these beauties.
The regale was such a regal plant-huge with healthy roots and is still thriving well! The queen, on the other hand, did not handle the shipping well. The leaves are drying and it has a few small roots. The size is decent for the price. I hope the queen will be able to recover soon. As usual excellent Ecuagenera packaging!
5/5 stars!!
Absolutely amazing plants! I’m impressed by the sheer size and health I’m so happy I pulled the trigger and bought this bundle!
Packaged very well! Both plants have two big leaves and new one coming, leaves arrived in great condition with barely any damage. Roots are large and healthy. Bigger leaf of Waro measures 67cm / 26inches, amazing!
I nearly cried it was so beautiful!
I had been trying to get one of these for so long and I was finally able to and when I opened the package and saw this plant I was absolutely shocked. It was absolutely stunning. 3 huge leaves, huge healthy root ball, I almost cried, literally. Then I messed up and potted it in a mix that was apparently too wet and nearly all her roots rotted and two leaves fell off. However, I repotted her and gave her some space and she is now 2 months later growing beautiful new roots and a new leaf coming and all is well. Patience is key with these!
Expected better Worocqueanum
Ant. Regale came in a 30cm size, roots super healthy, great size plant. Not so good for the Ant. Woroc as it came in much smaller size compare to what I seen other received, good thing is that the roots are healthy and it has 5 small-mid size leaves.
Ant. Microphyllum came with stump with no roots, but surprisingly the leaf is very nice and throwing new shoot out, hopefully some roots soon.
I am very pleased with this purchase, plants are healthy and good size.
Very glad to spotted this combination of plants on Mothers Day. And the discount. Thank you.
It sadly died.
I received an absolutely beautiful specimen, no damage to the leaves, they where all healthy and beautiful and there where a lot of them! However, it root system started to decay after a few days of having the plant. I have tried my very best to regrow some roots, but it seems that the plant won't survive.
Larger than expected
Of all of the plants that I purchased these had the best roots. The leaves were way larger than I expected! They are acclimating pretty well after a couple weeks have only lost one leaf each.
Not perfect but GOOD
My experience with purchasing this plant never fails me with its size and beauty. Good roots system and established quickly into Asia climate. Would continue to purchase it.
Very pretty young plant
Arrived in great condition, some shipping damage but not more than I expected. Thank you!
Awesome plant!
Arrived with 4 leaves, 2 of which were dark and huge at > 35cm long. Plant came quite scar-free apart from some tears at the lobes. Would buy another when available!
I have placed 3 separate orders of this plant and what I received arrived in the same amount of time
the orders just aren't consistent the plastic wrap they now put around the plants leaves keep too much moisture laying on the leaves and so alot of times they get fungal issues. Or in the case of my recent purchase the bottom of the leaf disintegrates. The roots arrive in pretty good condition so that is why they received 3 Stars instead of just 1.
Totally blown away...
Got a 3 leaf specimen. Relatively big leaves and healthy. Again, this order exceeded my expectation. Keep it up.
5 stars!!
Very beautiful and healthy plants. Some leaves damaged from shipping but overall is great. customer service is the best.
Best Quality Warocqueanum
Received 2 beautiful, well sized plants. Great active root systems with no signs of root rot. New growth points visisble. Great packaging. Thank you
Beautiful plants! Nice roots! Great customer service
they are so small!!!!
I purchased 5 pieces of Anthurium warocqueanum
However, i'm not happy with this purchase.
First, my plants' sizes are SO SMALL. I know Some plant people bought Anthurium warocqueanum, and their warocqueanum leaves are 16 to 18 inches. However, 4 of mine plants are only 11-12 inches.
Secondly, one plant's leaf fell off, and the breakpoint already dried up when I received it. So the poor plant only has one small leaf now.
Last but very important, I contacted the sales email since last Monday. However, no one replied my email yet.
Amazing large healthy plant
Top plants!
I live in North Italy. Plants arrived today in perfect condition!!! Two plants: One big, big, big dark form with two amazing leaves and one on the way, the second one, regular form, with three leaves and one new absolutely perfect. I'm really impressed for quality, size and healthy root. I'll buy soon other plants. Customer service at the top!
Thank you Ecuagenera!
Perfect plant for honest price
Received two plants in a great quality, each plant has two big leaves, both dark forms. Many thanks, Ecuagenera!
Amazing plant/amazing service
Plant I received was just spectacular. 2 beautiful extremely long (around 30 cm ) long leaves .
Healthy! healthy root and stem.

I must also take this opportunity to praise Ecuagenera customer service.
They are excellent. They answered every time within 3 days of my request. They are always helpful and understanding.

Thank you!
Larger than expected!
Shipped to Singapore.

Ordered 2 of these and both came with a nice and healthy root system. 1 plant is significantly bigger than the other (with 18" leaf and another with 8" leaf). Both thriving really well!
My Queen is bigger than I ever imagined it would be. She arrived in beautiful condition, with a 15" leaf and another 9" leaf, both perfect. Big chonk with good roots, acclimatated in 60%+ humidity easily, and already has 2 new growth points. Exceeds all expectations!
Unbelievable, could not believe my eyes!
What plant dreams are inspired from....

I have purchased around ten Warocqueanums in two different orders.

Did not experience major shipping delays in the shipments. Each Warocqueanum in the shipments were absolutely jaw-dropping. This plant is definitely the companies main staple. Worth stalking the site for.

The chonks I received were out of this world. Each leaf in length was the longest I have ever seen in real life and there were multiple on each chonk.

Definitely exceeded my expectations each time.
I had experienced purchases here several times and previous time I received warocqueanum was dried, roots was smashed and one leaf was dead by mould, so I was very disappointed but....
this time was amazing, just surprised when open the box.
Plants were healthy and no mould, no smashed roots, no dried !! As described photo, 2 leaves are 75cm long.
Depends on the timing and luck, you will receive good one! I’ll purchase from them again :)
This plant is amazing! She is still in the acclimation stage but her leaves and the plant on a whole is super healthy when it arrived. I live in on the East Coast of the USA.
very nice like photos and perfect arrived with a lot of roots
I will oder it again .love love love
Such a beautiful plant!
Highly recommend I would give millions of stars if I could! I always thank ecuagenera. They have the best customer service best price!
It is the second time in one month when ecuagenera almost made me cry. I received one of the biggest, most beautiful queen anthurium... super healthy root system, perfect huge leaves... I’m totally in love
Big beauty
Exceeded all expectations! Received a plant with 2 leaves, one about 16" long, velvety and perfect. The "small" leaf is about 10" long. Good roots on a healthy stalk with 2 new growths popping up already. Dreams come true.
Dried, scratched and mold with leaf and soil
I purchased this plant come with 2 leaves and one of leaf was crushed and had mold. Also some soil has green mold attached with, so I completely washed the roots and cut damaged leaf.
Hope it grow new leaf though roots look fine!
Small and dry
Thank you Ecuagenera for keeping a fair price on this anthurium!

Shipped to CA during February with no issues. Roots were in great shape and survived the trip with no rot. Growing new leaves and rooting very fast, I wouldn't be surprised if we were acclimated within 2 months. Some of the longer leaves did get some creasing, but that is to be expected and not an issue in my case since each plant had at least 4 leaves.
I bought two of these and for the price you can't go wrong. The leaves are crispy due to being shipped during winter but I think they'll bounce back fine. They both came with nice chonks. One had a little root rot but I just chopped it off and its doing great. Would recommend to people with experience with Aroids. Really happy with my purchase!
great price!
I ordered two of them, one arrived with good root system and one large leaf and 2 smaller ones, the other one with almost no roots one half leaf and 2 smaller yellow leaves..
I would still buy from Ecuagenera since they are the only ones that I have plants surviving after acclimatization..
My waroc arrived quickly after I received the shipping notification. Much to my surprise it came with three full and very large leaves. The root system was well established and I am hopeful that this plant will acclimate smoothly.
Warocqueanum crispy snack
I ordered two of these having in mind all the opinions of how hard they are to grow. I received two specimens, one with 30ish cm leaves (two), and second with three leaves around 20cm. They seem to be establishing themselves now but they are crisping up like crazy. Maybe it’s just acclimation stress. The packaging was a bit wet when delivered so it would explain yellow spots and crisping up. I would recommend buying them only to experienced growers.
The plants that came were of very decent sizes and the plants established fairly quickly!
Nice customer service!
I bought 3 plants of the waroc, because I fell in love with my first order (in summer) and thought it would be nice to have some more for my bigger terrarium at home. Unfortunately the plants that came in winter were all cold and rotten. The roots were mushy and black and the stem began to rot away 1 week after. So none of the plants survived.

BUT ecuagenera was so nice to send me replacement plants in a few weeks, which will hopefully arrive in a good condition since its getting warmer here. Really AWESOME customer service thank you!
Excellent Root system Small size Plant
I received this plant with only one leaf which was a bit disappointed at first but the size of the leaf was good. It has now 2 more leaves as the root system was very good and therefore my review is excellent.
Very nice plant
I received a plant with 4 and a half leaves, the half was the newest and was torn/missing on arrival. Two looks ok with a few scratches, one has some shipping stress/yellowing and one is absolutely perfect condition. The plant looks overall healthy and the roots looks strong (havent repotted, I could see the outer roots from previous pot), very happy with my first order and will buy again in the future :)
I was so impressed and over the moon with my Queen Anthurium. Both 35cm leaves are stunning and elegant; plant was immaculately packed with shredded paper to protect the foliage. Queen seemed to have shipped well and arrived happy in Singapore. Thanks to Sales Consultant Mr C.O. for providing useful tips on aftercare. This has been the best pot for my 2nd shipment.
Arrived like photo
Shipped to Canada (Ontario) in July, with 2 large leaves (a foot long). It was kind of torn up/ folded up with a bit of rot spots on the leaves and root. But being such a large plant, i thought it would be okay. I was never able to acclimate it & is now a stump with no roots. I recommend this for experienced growers who are confident in acclimating plants.
Small plant
Received one with 2 dark leaves, both leaves are slightly smaller than 20cm. Was expecting a slightly larger plant. 1 leaf was damaged during shipping. Roots are healthy.
Good condition
I ordered 5 warocqs. All arrived in pretty good condition. Since they always have some shipping stress a few lost 1 or 2 leaves but thats no problem, they will grow new ones. Packaging was good. Glad to see they dont pack them in plastics anymore.
4 out of 5 plants were decent sized for the price, one was a bit small but still okay for what i payed. Overall i would recommend buying from Ecuagenera, would definitely buy again myself.
Arrival in ok condition
Arrival in very poor condition.
received two large sized warocqueanums and they both arrived with the roots completely rotted. I figured it was no big deal and chopped the stems and tried to root, but the stems keep gradually rotting and the leaf on one is almost fully dead now. Not worth getting anthuriums with no roots regardless of how big the leaves are, maybe ecuagenera should rework their packaging.

for reference, my orders arrive within 1-2 days once they get to the US because I’m in Florida. not sure how long ecua keeps them packaged up before that
My anthurium arrived with rotted roots and a severely mangled leaf, the rest of the stem rotted away over the course of a couple weeks.
Wonderful plant
Arrived with only minor damage to its newest leaf. (That was to be expected, it was a fresh,new leaf.)
Other leaf is huge and healthy.
A lot of roots to the plant.
IM SO HAPPY with it.
Overall good plant
Our warocqueanum came in with one semi good leaf but one has died from shipping but overall a great purchase. I’ve wanted this plant for a while so when I saw it available I had to get it. We love ecuageneras plants and will remain a loyal buyers!!!!!
Great plant
Im my case, the plant was a good purchase. It lost all leaves upon arrival but bounced back quite well.
Hit or miss. If you like gambling, place an order.
I've ordered over 20+ aroids and honestly it is hit or miss. I would say 1/4 arrives in acceptable condition meaning the stem is easily salvageable. Maybe it's packaging or the time traveling, but I always lose most of the leaves. Plants arrive in sphagnum moss wrapped in plastic. If you order from the USA, be aware you will probably not get what you see. That's why the prices reflect it. These are prices for rehabs. I have unpacking videos on youtube @ Austin Green Earth.
Excellent Specimen
Totally out of my expectation on the plant size received. Big leaf, big stump and healthy roots. Definitely will buy again from Ecuagenera. Trusted seller and quality plant compare to its competitor.
Keep up the good work.
not happy
I ordered three queens in the past month and only one out of three was healthy and the rest were rotted.
not sure
I'm quite disappointed as I received much much smaller plant than expected. I did not expect to get huge queen as on picture but still had expectations to receive something that is like medium sized plant, got really small one..Instead of that my plant had one tiny leaf and the rest of growth was smashed due to shipping. I wish plants would be handled with better care and your pictures would be less misleading :(
Healthy root system
Received plant with 2 leaves. The leaves are not in the best shape but the root system is impressive. They've packaged it nicely though. I will order from them again.
Mixed feelings
For the price you get an amazing sized queen, something you just can’t find anywhere else. The problem I had came to shipping. My package was lost twice. Once with ecuagenera, they said it was being shipped out twice and did not ship for another 4 days, and the second time in the post. Obviously the post office is it’s own thing. When I got it the stump was rotted half way up and all of the roots were rotted besides the aerial roots on top. I have cut back the rot multiple times and lost two leaves already. I don’t see the rot stopping at this point. If you get your plant in a timely manor I don’t see why you would have any issues as my other queen from another seller is thriving in my care. I’m trying to chalk it up to a mistake, but I am disappointed
Received in a well condition and via UPS so it's even more appreciable. It arrived with two leaves nearly cm long each. Root was healthy. Definitely, i would buy from them again.
Beautiful plants
I order two warocqueanum from ecuagenera and they arrived in perfect shape with a decent root system
impressive plant
Today I received my second queen from Ecuagenera.
the first one was small but had many leaves and the second one has a huge (40cm) leaf and a very healthy root system. Oh, and it has another growth point.
I couldn't believe my eyes when I opened the package.
No words
This website is a huge scam. I ordered an A.warocqueanum in APRIL (yes we are in june) and still no news. I wrote like 8 or 9 emails eversince to know where my plant is (yes bc they also took the money from my bank account for the plant AND the shipping fees), and all i got in return was a random email saying that UPS may probably contact me so i can pay another shipping fee (wtf). Not sure i'll get my plant nor my money back. So everyone reading this please run away from here, go shop your plants anywhere else, and don't waste 100 euros like i just did.
Great plant at great value!
Plant had 3 good size leaves and 2 small leaves. It appears to be a dark form as the leaves are a dark green. I've seen comparable warocqueanum sell for over $150 so definitely a great price!
Good price, but struggling to acclimate
I wrote a review about a month ago, and wanted to update. The plant is struggling to acclimate despite being next to a humidifier and having the appropriate temperature and airflow. It has one leaf left of the three it arrived with, and it is crispy at the edges at the bottom. I have yet to see new growth, but I have high hopes that it will recover soon enough.
Amazing plant
The plant arrived in a very good condition, healthy roots, four leaves and when I think about the long distance between Ecuador and Germany, this is really fantastic. Thank you Ecuagenera and Roellke Orchideen in Germany. I am happy :)
Arrived with two healthy leaves
I'm very pleased with the state of my new plant. It arrived with two healthy leaves, some leaf damage, but that is not unexpected. Root system is very healthy and I am excited to watch it grow and acclimate in my home.
Over all happy
Overall this plant arrived in good condition. Two of the four leaves were yellow but that is to be expected. Why 4 stars and not 5? Because about 25% of the roots were not viable. The plant is doing well two weeks in. Overall a good buy.
Amazing quality and price
I live in the Netherlands and the plant arrived yesterday in great condition. No yellowing or root rot. It arrived the day after it was shipped from Germany.
A great price for a queen Anthurium
The plant came in great condition, with just a few damaged roots and a tiny bit of yellowing on the leaf edges. Three leaves, one over a foot long. It looks like the dark narrow form but that subject is debated. I wish I bought two!
Beautiful Queen
My Waroc arrived in a perfect condition, with one large leaf and one smaller. The roots are just perfect, so there was no problem acclimating this plant. Thank you Ecuagenera!
Still in recovery mode (only one week in)
I expected this to arrive a little rough; it came with two leaves on arrival, but one went bad quickly, and the other isn't great -- they were actually too big for the plastic cover they were in, and the bottoms of the leaves rotted from long contact with condensed moisture.

Roots were pretty well developed and healthy; just one or two mushy ones.

Considering the distance and change in seasons, not too surprised. Expecting it will bounce back with a little TLC. Will update if possible.
Fantastic, beautiful, quick
I ordered 2 warocqueanums and they came perfect with no damage whatsoever. Beautiful plants!! I know waros don't ship well, but these look like they weren't even shipped. I am pretty blown away to be honest. Definitely ordering more plants with ecuagenera.
I gave it 3 stars because it came in with one damage leaf and one small root. But I can’t complain it was priced fair. As I seen this go for a lot more and in the same damage condition
Arrived perfectly, very large size.
En perfectas condiciones,planta sana.
La planta llegó en bastantes buenas condiciones teniendo en cuenta el largo viaje que realizó
De entrada, perdió las hojas pero ya ha echado la primera hoja y su evolución parece ir sobre ruedas. Desde luego, la planta nunca cambió su aspecto y siempre pareció sana. Simpelmente ha pasado por un proceso de aclimatación después de su largo viaje.