Philodendron plowmanii ‘Citrus’

Philodendron plowmanii ‘Citrus’

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Super big, super happy (11/3/2022)
Roots are great, plant is great, loss one leave, as expected. Overall very happy with purchase especially for the price, very shock this ppant isnt as popular, to each their own. I Love it.
Incredible!! (10/23/2022)
I had had two bad experiences with ordering and acclimating this plant prior, but I decided to try one more time and was NOT disappointed. I purchased two of these during the August summer sale, and both are doing just beautifully. They are both absolutely MASSIVE and such a lovely color. Neither came with many leaves (one 3 and one 2) and both lost all but one leaf, though the remaining leaves are not even the slightest bit damaged or yellowed. I did have to chop most of the original roots, however They both rerooted super quickly in moss and are pretty much fully established at this point. One appears to be ready to put out a new leaf soon as well. Worth the wait!!!!!!
Great and healthy plant (7/6/2022)
I ordered this plant at the live sale of Ecuagenera in April 2022. The plant came with 3 big leaves. One of which was dead in the packaging but now one big leaf has came out and a second one will be soon.
Don't hesitate to buy this philo. It's a very beautiful plant.
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