Monstera Thai Constellation

Monstera Thai Constellation


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Expensive Loss - Root Rot and Dead Leaves (20/11/2022)
I picked this plan up along with some others at the SF Orchid Show in June. This was a very expensive plant ($400 at the time from a Live Sale) and it had so much root rot that it could not be saved. I've purchased from Ecuagenera a lot and have always received good plants. Sometimes the leaves don't make it during shipping and the roots have always been good. This time all of the plants I received had issues. I think they were left in the shipping medium too long, leaves were rotten and the roots were mushy. Really disappointed.
ROOT ROT! (26/09/2022)
Firstly, you are not getting a plant this size. I received 2 leaves when I picked up a pre-order from the yyc orchid show. When I removed the paper and saw the roots in the clear plastic bag with moss I was devastated. Half the root system was rotten compleatly. I've pruned and prayed to the plant gods.

I had about 6 other plants in this order... let's just say, I won't be buying from these guys again.

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