Begonia segregata mini

Begonia segregata mini


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Quick Recovery (30/04/2023)
Most of the leaves were completely rotten upon arrival and the few remaining healthy leaves fell off within a couple days, but all the stems looked red and healthy. I put them in a sealed clear contained with some airy potting mix and some cut of moss over top and within 10 days have lots of new growing points.
At first glance disappointment, didn't skip a beat! (15/04/2023)
I purchased this Begonia Segregata Mini on a live sale and picked it up at a show in Toronto. I was unsure how it would travel as I knew it didn't like to dry out too much. When I received it, it was in moss inside 2 sundae cups taped together, couldn't see any signs of life except one leaf, the rest was black mush. I took it home sprayed it off trimmed some rotted stems and put it in some moss. a week later and new leaves had already started to emerge and now I have a small bush of this plant not even 2 months later!

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