Anthurium villenaroum x Anthurium pulcachense

Anthurium villenaroum x Anthurium pulcachense


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Wunderschön (08.08.2022)
Wie abgebildet erhält man hier eine schöne Athurium V x P.
Fabulous (15.10.2021)
I bought this together with the parent plant, villenaroum and both arrived in great condition. This hybrid has a more cardboard like feel which as another reviewer points out, makes it cool like living velvet. An amazing texture. All leaves came healthy, and so is the root ball.
I love it (24.09.2021)
This plant arrived very happy. I placed it in my cabinet that has temps of 70°F+ and humidity 70%+ and it's doing amazing. It travelled very well and the leaves are very thick. I love villenaroum so I was excited to see a cross and this lovely plant did not disappoint.

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