Masdevallia caudata

Masdevallia caudata

Masdevallia caudata


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Clima Frio
Circulación de aire Medio
Luz Medio
Humedad Alta
Fertilizante Semanal

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Evaluaciones de clientes para Masdevallia caudata

Número de evaluaciones: 3
Evaluación media: 4
Excellent (20/06/2019)
Big, healthy, nice looking plant. Adjusting well to my environment. Happy with my purchase.
Excellent (16/03/2019)
The plant arrived in excellent condition. It was of good size and it is adjusting well after one month.
Small weak dehydrated plant (10/07/2018)
This plant is nothing like the picture but small and very dehydrated leaves. It has lost quite a few leaves 10 so far and still has more to drop it looks like. Some of the youngest growth isn't making it as they are bent over and very weak. This plant was the whole reason for my order I hope it recovers to go on to flowering, but will be very small when and if it gets there. It only has 17 good leaves right now.