Cattleya Porphyrophlebia

Cattleya Porphyrophlebia

Cattleya Porphyrophlebia es un hibrido de Cattleya intermedia x C. violacea ´Especial`


Información de producto adicional

Clima Templado cálido
Circulación de aire Medio
Luz Medio
Humedad Bajo
Fertilizante Bimensual
Tamaño Medio
Fragante Fragante

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poor (27/09/2018)
The plant is rootless and arrived with several fractured leaves. It is frustrating to place a plant in the intensive care unit just to survive packing and handling None of the plants in this shipment came with roots. Very dissappointing. Report to customer service was not responsive at all. The plant was nice before it was packed.