Stelis guianensis

Stelis guianensis

Stelis guianensis

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Clima Frio
Circulación de aire Medio
Luz Medio
Humedad Alta
Fertilizante Semanal

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Evaluaciones de clientes para Stelis guianensis

Número de evaluaciones: 2
Evaluación media: 4,5
Healthy plant, although with lime-green flowers (22/01/2018)
Received a vigorous, healthy plant. This just flowered for me and the flowers, despite the photo, were transparent lime green. The plant is either mislabelled, has an incorrect photo, or is maybe an alba form.
Adorable miniature! (26/02/2017)
This plant is looking really good. Nice generous size clump that was well packed and came with a whole shipment of excellent quality plants. Ecuagenera is superb to work with.