Cischweinfia dasyandra

Cischweinfia dasyandra

Cischweinfia dasyandra

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Circulación de aire Medio
Luz Medio
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Evaluaciones de clientes para Cischweinfia dasyandra

Número de evaluaciones: 3
Evaluación media: 1,7
Poor (18/09/2019)
Not sure if it is a transportation issue or plant it’s own problem, plant rotten within 2-3 days.
Good deal, but with a rot problem. (28/04/2018)
This plant would have been an excellent value. I received a very large clump (20+ pseudobulbs) at pickup at the SEPOS show. It was wrapped in wet paper towels in plastic, a packaging method that clearly worked well for the other plant I ordered (a phrag), but less so for this little guy. All the roots were a loss, and more than half of the pseudobulbs were rotten. After treatment with fungicides and drying, the remainder of the plant is doing well. Would have been a fantastic purchase if the plant had been packaged a bit drier I think. I’m still looking forward to its sweet blooms, and the price is definitely right if you’re looking to try something a little unusual!
Better left in nature... (04/03/2018)
This orchid has such potential beauty, but is too delicate to provide the needed growing conditions in captivity. I received the orchid in decent shape, but I suspect the transition from SA to NA was definitely a shock.