Platystele baqueroi

Platystele baqueroi

Platystele baqueroi


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Climate Intermediate Warm
Air Circulation Medium
Light Low
Humidity High
Size Miniature
Fragrant No

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Customer ratings for Platystele baqueroi

Number of ratings: 5
Average rating: 3.4
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Dead arrival (1/11/2019)
Arrived with no leaf. I told that it may be frozen.
Lovely plant but a poor traveller (12/13/2018)
This one is a beauty, but it really doesn't seem to like travelling. It dropped all but two of its leaves within a couple of days of arrival. I thought I would lose it, but it appears to be settling into my terrarium and coming back as it has now made a new leaf. I hope it continues to recover and I will get to see its beautiful flowers for myself one day.
great plant (11/22/2018)
I got my first plants 4 months ago. It traveled very badly and shed all leaves but two within a week. After a month it looked dead. I ordered another plant, and soon after that I noticed my old one start to shoot out new leaves - after 4 months. New plant also dropped about half of it's leaves but is now rebounding quickly. Plant is very small so it is prone to desiccation and other hazards of travel, but once established grows quickly.
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