Masdevallia Machu Picchu

Masdevallia Machu Picchu

Masdevallia Machu Picchu

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Climate Cool
Air Circulation Medium
Light Medium
Humidity Medium
Fertilizer Weekly

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Customer ratings for Masdevallia Machu Picchu

Number of ratings: 3
Average rating: 5
Great (1/24/2019)
This plant arrived with perfect leaves and a large, healthy and thriving root system. I mounted it on a Kool Log using some of the sphagnum it was packed with and have it hanging in my eastern-facing window in my bedroom. I am in Oregon, US and RH is about 50% and temps at the window range from 55-70 percent, but the kool log seems to keep this plant cooler. It has done amazingly in the ten days I've had it--not a single leaf has dropped and the single spike it had shot out and now is in advanced bud. This is exciting for me as I was not expecting that any of the spikes or buds would survive such a big transition. This plant seems to be very sturdy and easy to please.
5 (10/11/2017)
What a lovely and healthy plant I've received two weeks ago! Hopefully to make it blossom very soon. Thank you so much!
excellent (4/27/2016)
I collected a healthy and vigorous plant from the London show. It has settled in well and continues to develop its new shoots (leaves and roots).