What's an orchid reserve?
Our reserves consist of two huge tracts of high mountain jungle, one somewhat lower in elevation than the other. These two distinctly different habitats are only about an hour away from each other. We could not have found more optimum localities for our reserves. The two reserves differ in climate and elevation and this provides the best of both worlds as far as orchid habitats. Between them both, you can "see it all", "do it all".

The nice thing is that what you see and photograph in the wild in the reserves you can purchase in our nursery and take home with you, fully documented, packaged for travel, all legal and easy.

These two private jungle orchid reserves provide us with protected property which we also include as part of our "orchid tours". Why protected? Before we owned the two reserves, we'd transplant orchids back into the wild from our nursery to enrich the species count for all to enjoy. But when we'd return we'd find the sites stripped of our transplants by unscrupulous orchid vendors who steal from nature, then sell the same plants. So now our transplants are guarded and are there for the world to enjoy.

Orchid tours here!
Ecuagenera Co. Ltd. is pleased to offer orchid tours throughout Ecuador as well as in our two collosal private reserves not far from Cuenca. Tours of up to 16 days can be scheduled. If you only have a couple days, our reserves alone serve well. On these tours you walk amongst orchid and flower habitats and take in impressive views of spectacular Andes and jungle panoramas. We guarantee you will enjoy the wild orchids to the max as well as the wide diversity of plants, how they actually grow and the natural environment. Hundreds of species of other flowers, butterflies, birds and fauna in general complement the lush orchid habitat.

How is the species count in the reserves?
In a word, excellent. These two new high jungle reserves we purchased are naturally stocked with orchids from Mother Nature. In addition we transplant (only Ecuadorian) orchid species specific to that climate to preserve them and make a botanical garden out of the reserves themselves. The habitats are perfect for transplanting orchids from our laboratory to enhance the species count which is now at over 1,000. You wouldn't believe the rich orchid environment perfect for photography and a breathtaking tour of the high Andes jungles.

What's this about transplanting? On our two reserves our staff and volunteers, like you, transplant orchids every week. As time goes on, the reserve complex will be a living botanical garden of most if not all of Ecuador's orchid species. As it is now, Ecuagenera's reserves are indeed the largest orchid reserves in the entire world. They are 100% private and you can enter them! You can volunteer to help us transplant, that way you get a hands on experience in real jungle under the expert guidance of our staff. Also you can feel proud in the fact you helped preserve for future generations to enjoy, this incredible family of flowering plants, the orchid.

Tell me more about the reserves! Can I sleep there maybe?
For convenience of our visitors, we plan to outfit the reserves with small unobtrusive bungalows in which to lodge, a restaurant and other ammenities. Our future facilities will allow you to live for a few days in the utmost tranquility of Ecuador's high jungles enjoying the night sounds from wildlife, smelling the sweet scent of the jungle itself. You will awake to bird songs and of course, gallons of fresh Ecuadorian coffee and hot chocolate and a hearty breakfast to stick to your ribs for a day's tour in the jungle.

As it stands now, we base our orchid tours out of our complex at the orchid ranch and offices in Gualaceo. The tours come complete with restaurant and lodging. Now we have the addition of our jungle complex described above.

To view photos and more information on each of the reserves please click on the links below. We will be adding to this page profusely, it's an honor to now offer this "pride and joy" asset to the world.