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Ecuagenera has founded a private school located just outside of the town of Gualaceo. The school is called the Liceo Particular Bilingüe Nuevo Mundo, which roughly translates to The New World Institute. The name was chosen because a new world of challenges has been brought to us in the second millennium.

Within Ecuador, there is a great need for the expansion and improvement of available educational services. Sadly, public education for the youth of the country has been substandard for a long time. We at Ecuagenera have children of our own and felt that we needed to do something to change this situation. As such, The New World Institute was born. We have taken it upon ourselves to provide this education for able and gifted young Ecuadorians in a modern, high level facility, staffed by professionals. Some examples of service improvement include having a licensed dietician to manage the kitchen and cafeteria and state-of-the-art audiovisual equipment for language labs and computer instruction.

A further goal of The Institute and one of the driving reasons for its founding, is to offer a high quality education to everyone, regardless of the affluence or cultural ?status? of their parents. Children from all walks of life attend The Institute. Those from families with limited resources - who are selected for their ability, not their income or social standing - receive scholarships in proportion to their family?s financial resources.

Classes are given to students ranging from pre-school (about age four), through the completion of high school, or collegio, as it is known here (about age seventeen). Instruction takes place in 21 classrooms, each with the capacity for 30 students. That means when full, we?re teaching 630 students. The Institute is accessed by a private drive from the main two-lane highway between Gualaceo and Cuenca. We are hoping to construct a pedestrian bridge to further ensure safe crossing, but speed bumps installed by the city have helped in the mean time.

We are different from other schools in a variety of ways, but there are a few that stand out. First, students may work for the school or the orchid nursery if they would like to gain practical work experience, or to earn a wage and/or reduction in their tuition. The participation in our plantation teaches them first-hand, the principles of horticulture, botany, biology, and other agricultural areas, as well as the value of honest work, apart from class and lab. We have a computer lab with one computer terminal for each student in class. The teachers are in charge of their own internet, local area network, or LAN, library and will soon have the ability to deliver all of their lessons via LAN. The curriculum consists of a full range of classes including the arts (music, drawing, chorus), mathematics, computer science, geography and geology, social sciences, health, family economics, athletics, physical and life sciences, economics and politics, history (world, national, and local), and of course language ? English and Spanish. Because our staff is professional and quite exceptional teachers, The Institute has gained accreditation into Ecuador?s nationally recognized, licensed educational system.