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WOC 22



Have you ever felt the need to be in the middle of the world surrounded by natural and cultural beauties?



Ecuador is a small country in area, located northwest of South America in the hemisphere 0*0"0', AND is one of the countries with the greatest biodiversity of species per kmin the world. It is the country of four worlds: Galapagos Islands, Coast, Andes Mountain Range and Amazon Basin. It is home of over 4,200 species of orchids; most endemic; 1600 species of birds, 16 ethnic groups, 70 volcanoes located in the beautiful Andes Avenue, and wonderful beaches.

Ecuador is among the highest of any country in the world, by its extreme diversity of habitats and microclimates, that hostess thousands of different orchid species which grow from the lowlands near to sea level to the highlands in the Paramo; grouped into 240 different genera. One of the reasons it became in the ideal place to organize the...

And what is most important...Logo_WOC_ECUAGENERA
We know where the NATIVE ECUADORIAN ORCHIDS are growing in the wild. Ecuagenera is a 23 years old company, which has made a lot of research and has identified many new species of Ecuadorian orchids.
It will be a pleasure that YOU

Join with us the wonders of Ecuador!