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Brassocattleya Fuchs Star

Brassocattleya Fuchs Star

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Note moyenne: 3,6
Large division apparently good upon receipt.
Roots: many, but all completely dead.
2 days upon arrival rhizomes started collapsing and if I held the plant it would crumble and break in a few regions of rhizome which are black and mushy. There is a health issue either fungal death or virus.
All crumbled rhizomes into pieces and will zero roots I believe this plant is die soon.
This is the third attempt. Last two perished fast after arrival.
Sad since it's a wonderful hybrid of two nice species.
Compliqué à faire racinée
3 étoiles juste parce que je ne connaissais pas cette famille de plante et je voulais testé pour le plaisir de la voire fleurir un jour chez moi mais pas facile pour une débutante. Je croise les doigts
Great size
Healthy and blooming size, with new pseudobulbs starting. Doing well so far.
I will shopping again
Large division. Two Fowler on it .
The roots of the plant are papery and dead. I cut nearly all roots then placed it on a blanket of damp sphagnum moss. After 2 months, I noticed new roots and two tiny new growth showed up. It survived!!
I cannot wait for this one to bloom. Very large division that has recently flowered so I know it will flower again eventually. Well worth the stress of importing. Highly recommended
very big and healthy plant
I first time buying from this website and had big worries how they will arrived in Europe... Тhere was no need. The orchids come to me in perfect condition in perfect packed. One week later they start to grow up quickly and I hope very soon view his amazing blooming. Thank you, Ecuagenera!
very nice and healthy plant
Nice big bush. There are not very many roots. But that's okay. The plant is adult.
Hope it lives
First time buying from this website and out of all the other plants I purchased I only had an issue with this one. Size of the orchid was nice but like the other buyers have said the roots were horrible. Roots suffered from root rot and I’ve have told to cut a lot away. Will have to wait and see if this plant survives.
Incredible Journey
Second time I bought plants from Ecuagenera, I'm from Spain.
Thinking about the phitosanitary treatment the plants hava to pass through, the plane, the customs in Germany to get the European Certificate...

The plants are GREAT ¡¡¡... Adult size plants, with sprouts, maybe the roots aren't in best conditions (I repeat the phitosanitary treatment to pass the customs).

But great expectatives about them all ¡¡¡ I have to be very careful with diseases next three monts, but.... this second time has been much better than the first one.

And.... incredible customer service ¡¡¡....
Nice sized Plant arrived with all the roots mushy. I trimmed them off, potted the plant, sprayed it with Rhizopon rooting hormone, put it in a humid environment and 2 weeks later lots of new roots are emerging.
A large plant arrived bare root with few, if any, functioning roots and what in hind sight were the first signs of black rot. Potted into a 2.5" square pot and with 2-3 days it started dropping yellowed/blackened leaves. Treated with Fosphite for Pythium ultimum and Phytophthora cactorum but after another 3-4 days it was clear that this plant could not be saved and I destroyed it for fear of spread throughout the greenhouse.