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Nombre d'évaluations: 26
Note moyenne: 3,2
Not good
I ordered multiple plants and this one arrived in horrible shape and is dead now.
Would not recommend
Of all the plants that I bought (around 30 different species), this is the only one that I would not recommend anyone to purchase. It pretty much looked dead on arrival and I didn't even really get a chance to rehab it. I wish Ecuagenera would ship out more mature specimens that would be able to handle being shipped halfway across the world. It's a beautiful plant, but it really just isn't a great shipper.
Plant received was a good size with 5 leaves and nice, healthy roots. However, the petioles are not as fuzzy as in the pictures. Overall still quite happy with purchase.
Damaged during shipment
Yellowed leaf when plant arrived with the others... Waiting for Ecuagenera to respond on this.
not a beginner plant
This is a rather uncommon philodendron, lovely large leaves and fuzzy stem, that also wants high humidity. Plant ships *express* well, generally comes with weaker roots that will need some babying, I was not successful at this one unfortunately but I would try it again.
big plant, shipped surprisingly well
Reading the bad reviews i was scared i would end up with a dead plant, but it shipped surprisingly well. It does have some mechanical damage to the leaves, but it was to be expected. It arrived rather wet in a bag, so I left it to dry in a well ventilated room to avoid any fungal infections. The roots were in good shape. It's also rather tall, i potted it up in aroid mix and gave it a moss pole and it's as tall as my tallest pole. I've been keeping it next to the humidifier that goes on at night with a layer of moss on top of the medium and it's thriving so far. Indeed, the petioles aren't very fuzzy.
Not a good shipper
I love this plant and it juts is a very poor shipper. I bought a second one thinking it was just the pant but 2 for 2 not good. So sad because I really love the look of this plant.
Poor Stock
The roots were bad and leaves all died next day and whole plant started to dry and die in 3 days. Very poor!!! Bought another plant that did better as that one only lost a few leaf and is doing well.
Ships poorly
The plant shipped very poorly, all the leaves has severe damage so it looks quite bad.
It also has some trouble acclimating
didnt ship well
a beautiful species that i was hoping would transit better than it did. the new growth all went soft and the leaves are very wilted and thin. hopeful i can rehab them and get some growth points and maybe cut some nodes up but i probably wouldn't put these through another long transit.
5 stars
arrived in decent condition , weil rooted and good looking plant
Great sized plant!
You absolutely have to humidity tent this plant in order to have it adjust properly, but that's true for most tropical plants
No good.
This plant is not a good shipper. She was very wilted when she arrived. Damp but not soaking wet. Rot root but I hoped it was salvageable, but I'm starting to think not. Lost all 4 leaves, just have a stem with i hope new growth.
Product arrived in excellent condition. Shipped fast and Is thriving.
It arrived great and packaging was good. Plant is fine now but through no fault of shipping or packaging but my own neglect.
Last try for the fuzzy stem philodendrons
Plant arrived in healthy condition. I potted it up in aroid mix. There is a little shock from the trip. The leaves a wilting but the main stem is healthy and producing a new leaf. I hope the leaves gain strength and bounce back. Also that the main stem stays healthy and starts pushing out new leaves.
very good
Arrived in winter to EU in good condition.
It is very beautiful plant.
Plant arrived quite mangled but after a few weeks in the prop box with high humidity and a growlight on top it has perked right back up.
It's a bit more juvenile than I had hoped
Plant arrived with leaves drooping and dying.
Plant arrived with drooping leaves. This plant never recovered.
Pretty good
Unlike the other purchase, this one seems to have established itself. It lost a couple leaves after shipping but the remaining leaves perked up.
Lost this one
Arrived too wet, a very small and weak plant with tiny roots. I couldn't save this one as it died off in two weeks.
5/5. Arrived in good condition.
Size of a basic cutting, inadequate root system, bit of a pest infestation
Arrived as a small cutting-sized specimen with 2 out of 3 of its leaves yellow, a damaged cataphyll/growth point, and barely established roots with about 3/4th of them rotting away. This was even after Priority Express shipping to minimize trauma for the plant, the condition was dismal at best. This species does not travel well at all, and I expect the rehabilitation of it to be difficult and marginally successful, if it is even successful at all.
Very nice size specimen of this fuzzy philodendron
Well packed large plant of this philodendron. Multiple leaves with a healthy root system. A+++++
Arrived damaged and very small.
Ordered 1 with usps express to Austin TX. Top half was bent and damaged. All leaves came damaged. All leaves have dried out died. Root were very small, but not rotted. Rehabbing in greenhouse. Ask for return policy before purchase.
Beautiful plant.
I received it in great condition , growing beautifully. Highly recommend.