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Trichoglottis pusilla

Trichoglottis pusilla

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Nombre d'évaluations: 11
Note moyenne: 4,7
Very happy!
Plant arrived in good health. I have had this plant for 1 year and it has bloomed 3 times. My growing conditions are a regulated 58°F night to 76°F day, 83% humidity and a 14 hour photoperiod of bright light.
I got plant with dried roots. But within the next month, he grew a new leaf.
Nice miniature
Plant appears healthy. Part of mulltiplant order. After few weeks still going well. No rot observed. Very few roots however so if no root growth occurs it will eventually fade.
Cute plant. Love it!!
So excited about this plant. Hope it does well for me. Can’t wait to see it bloom. Came well packaged and in great shape with lots of good roots. Happy with my choice and will order again. Planning to soon. Wish we could add photos here too.
One of the two plants I received is already blooming. Very healthy orchids.
Very Healthy
The plant I received was well packaged, very healthy, and larger than expected! It immediately started putting out a new leaf.
So happy I got this
I'm very happy with the plant I received. It didn't arrive with many roots, but it adapted quickly after I mounted it and placed it in my humidity tank. It took quite a long time for the bud and flower spike to poke out and finally bloom, but it's flowering right now and is delightful. The sweet smell was at its strongest on the first morning after it flowered, it's maintained a lighter fragrance the rest of the time.
This plant arrived in good condition, unmounted in a little cup of moss. It looked just like the picture but without any blooms or buds. It has been doing well ever since.
Very cute
I've wanted this species for a while and caught it in stock. It looked a bit rough upon arrival (it dried out during shipping because USPS is seriously backed up these past few months), but after keeping it moist for about a week, it bounced right back!
Great looking plant!
It came in great shape with two forming blooms that opened beautifully 3 weeks later. Gorgeous little plant!
very good
Plant received was smaller than I expected, mounted on a flat piece of wood 1 inch X 2 inches. But two flower buds were forming and have continued to develop. Plant looks very healthy and I'm glad I decided to purchase this plant.