Évaluations client de Dendrobium victoriae-reginae

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Nombre d'évaluations: 9
Note moyenne: 4,7
A nice plant at a good price
A nice sized plant with healthy roots and in flower. It was a little the worse from shipping, but I definitely got my money's worth. I have only had it a few weeks, and it is already putting out new canes.
I am very pleased with the size of the plant compared to other suppliers. 4 good size canes with 6 new canes growing and a keiki.
descent blooming size plant
I received a descent blooming size plant with a strong root system.
I received a healthy, medium sized, well packaged plant. Can’t wait to see the flowers! Very good customer service as well.
Plant arrived with flowers which were beautiful and vibrant blue, in excellent condition; no rotting, no infections, only some broken and yellowing leaves which is normal transport-shocked plants. Repotted into pure sphagnum in a terracotta pot; within a week new roots began to grow.
Excellent Condition
Medium sized, well established plant with decent root system and healthy canes.
I got a mature plant, consisting of five bulbs. The roots are healthy, but slightly dried out along the way. A little upset was the presence of the mealybug on the leaves. But this is not problem for me. I will definitely order more in Ecuagenera
Good plant, well grown and arrived in good condition.
Very good
Very good root system, plant a little bit small counting only two canes. Purchased bare root, didn't skip a beat upon repotting and flowered 2 moths after.