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Anthurium regale aff

Anthurium regale aff 

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Note moyenne: 5
Very impressive plant. 2 Leaves.
Grows very well. So decorative.
100% satisfied
Beautiful plant, arrived without any damages. 3 nice big leaves, perfect root system. Growing great, I'm so happy for having this regale!
Highly recommend
I received beautiful plant, without damages. Big and healthy root system, 2 nice big leaves. Aclimating very nice. I'm really happy to have this plant :)
Beautiful plant
Plant arrived to Lithuania fast and safe e.g. no damages on leaves. Roots are chunky and decent. It's been 3rd week of adaptation in my growing conditions (60-65% humidity, full spectrum growth lights for 12 h), all good so far. Can't wait for new leaves.
I was so impressed with this one when it arrived. Not only is the leaf huge, the root system is great as well! Chunky, white roots galore! I'm so pleased!
Blown away
This plant arrived absolutely HUGE.
2 huge leaves (we are talking around 35-40 cm )
thick stem a a lot of roots.
All healthy.
Soon after I planted it it started popping out a new leaf.
Its showing no signs of transport shock and is acclimatizing perfectly

Honestly, I don think the pics in the advert do it justice.
It is really a gorgeous plant!!!
Exotic Specimen
Didn't expect to received such a huge specimen. 4 feet tall and massive roots for the price paid for. Absolutely mind blowing. Totally recommended for those who have regular regale and stripe to add into collection.
I got a plant with three huge leaves and the root system is super healthy and big