Philodendron rubrijuvenile "El Choco Red" (medium)

Philodendron rubrijuvenile "El Choco Red" (medium)

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I was shocked! (18/11/2022)
This came with 4 beautiful, big leaves - with a new leaf coming in. I was shocked how well this shipped, I
I live in the UK so was expecting the worse but im beyond happy. Slight damage on the leaves but that's to be expected but healthy roots and I couldn't be happier
Pretty great for being bad shippers (17/11/2022)
I bought this knowing they are very rough shippers. And I was pleasantly surprised when I pulled out this huge 2 ft tall plant with 6 leaves and another coming in! There is some small imperfections on all the leaves but nothing too abnormal. Now a week later I am losing 2 smaller leaves (to be expected) which I'm not mad about at all, as I was expecting to lose some leaves. I was prepared for a specimen in much worse shape and having a big rehab project, but its actually in pretty good shape as it's acclimating and rehabbing. I'm ver_ happy with this big beautiful Choco!
1 star (03/11/2022)
Does NOT ship well. Plant came in all dried. No possible way of recovery. Will buy another but locally.
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