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Stanhopea wardii
Stanhopea wardii

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Note moyenne: 5
Big husky healthy plant
Blooming size with multiple new leads. It had to wait a few days for repotting as it was way bigger than I'd anticipated and I had to buy a larger basket for it (no complaints, though!) and it dropped a few leaves. Overall doing well and can't wait for blooms!
The product arrive in perfect condition.
It is a excellent exemplar of a robust Stanhopea wardi
This orchid arrived with a flower bud and in an excellent shape. The size of the plant was double of what you can see on the 3rd image! I cannot wait to see it in bloom! Thank you!
I received a nice and large specimen. the pseudobulbs were quite shrunk, but I guess this is due to the travel to Japan which is not next door, but considering its size, I believe that the plant has enough reserves to recover nicely.