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Dracula felix
Dracula felix

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Finally gotten my hands on this beauty. Surprisingly this plant can travel well, does not have any damaged at all. Very healthy plant. Hope to see the future development of it.
Healthy plant
I know that this is a difficult orchid to grow but I have it since 2 weeks and she s already growing a new bulb ! Healthy and beautiful for now
Pflanze zusammen mit 9 anderen am 28.11.2020 bei Ecuagenera bestellt, Zustellung am 21.12.2020 in Chemnitz/Deutschland. Sehr gut verpackt. Kräftige Pflanze mit gesunden Trieben und Wurzeln in Sphagnum. 1 Blütenansatz!
The orchid was delivered home in perfect condition.
I'm very happy with the purchase.