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Nombre d'évaluations: 25
Note moyenne: 3,7
I got a huge plant, way better than expected. The roots are healthy. I highly recommend this plant from Ecuagenera.
All 3 leaves withered within 3 days
This is definitely not an easy plant to grow. On a positive note, the plant has strong roots. As such, new leaf pop out after 1.5 months. By 4th month, it has 3 leaves.
its pretty good
I ordered to UK in July and it arrived after the August heatwave. Arrived with 4 leaves total plus new growth. Some shipping damage. 2 leaves dropped due to stress, but other two are fine and new growth has also not been stressed or damage. I can see why people were saying that it looks worse in real life than in pictures but I actually quite like it. Nice to touch and cheap to boot.
Specimen with 2 leaves and rooted roots. Sent pics and they said it look alright and to rehab. Now, just a stomp. Buyer beware
Looked good on arrival
This plan looked good on arrival. The roots looked strong and it was slightly moist. However, after about 10 days I have lost 2 of the 4 leaves and it has not put out new growth yet. I have to assume that the plant was stressed by the shipping process. Hopefully , it will settle in and put out some growth.
I knew what I got myself into with this plant
Notoriously bad shipper and I can confirm, it arrived well but quickly declined trying to acclimate, it is a wetstick now. Not the fault of Ecuagenera, they packaged great, but the plant is just a really difficult shipper.
Came in good condition but now a stick
Plant was received in a very nice condition, with 4 or 5 leaves. Quickly they started yellowing and died one after another. I am left with a rooted stick with new leaf coming but it's in the same state for few months now. Not sure if it's my fault because general philodendron conditions I give my other plants don't apply to this one, or if it's simply impossible to have it healthy in Central Europe. However I don't give up.
Unhealthy plant
I received this plant with 2 decent sized plants but they were completely yellow and had to be cut off. The roots were rotted. I had to cut it down in hopes it would root but it never did, the plant did not make it.
Beautiful plant, doesn't ship well
I received a Furcatum 3 out of 5leaves dropped dead two days from arrival, roots roted away, I m left with a chunky wetstick which I treated for fungus and rot. Now potted in spagnum moss I hope for the best!
Plant did not travel well!! I'm disappointed to have paid $65 for a rehab plant. All leaves were lost within days. Roots were moderately okay, hoping for the best and that this will bounce back.
This plant does *not* ship well!
Ordered 2x furcatums from Ecuador, in an order of 30 total plants. Both furcatums arrived with completely yellowed leaves, leaves soon dropped, and I have been rehabbing 2 wet sticks for the last month. Recommend overnighting this from US only.
Beautiful Plant
Bought this plant when it was listed at $200 USD earlier this spring so feeling a bit foolish writing my review now, but that being said its a very unique philodendron. The plant i received had large healthy leaves. Acclimated well, and have found it requires high humidity as suggestion. Would def. suggest purchase at this price.
surprisingly good condition
I got a healthy plant with 4 beautiful leafs. I was very surprised, there was no yellowing. This philodendron is a hard to care for, but it shipped well. It had not much, but enough healthy roots.
Amazing plant
Shipped perfect in europe. Super nice. Healthy plant and root system.
Excellent work Ecuagenera and team.
I knew this might end in a total catastrophe but the plant arrived in a surprisingly good condition. I have 5 leaves, one new is coming and I have positive thoughts. It looks amazing, leaves are a little bit on yellow side rather than this deep green from the photo but a solid 4/5 is a fair rate.
Shipped well and fast. Plant was in great condition and is now acclimating.
3 stars
plant didnt ship well..lost all the leaves and in recovery state
Arrived good
I was very scared when purchasing this one, as the price is higher than most of the plants they sell.
But it arrived good, 1 yellow leaf
It's already growing in my greenhouse and has recovered very good from its journey.
It's not very big, I'd say small to medium but it's gorgeous
Plant shipped well, even in the cold. Received it with four healthy leaves and some healthy roots. It's been acclimating for about a month now, and still has leaves and is currently growing new roots.
Arrived yellow and with root rot
Plant arrived droopy with root rot and a yellow stem. Emailed them within 24 hours and was told to give it humidity and hope it survives. Feel a bit let down as it's quite an expensive plant and I'm now left with a yellow, rootless stump.
My first plant arrived dead because of winter damage. I was given a replacement that arrived in decent condition. The leaves all dropped within a couple days. I live in hawaii so we have a good amount of humidity, but I realize this plant needs it really high. The roots were good and it is shooting out a new leaf so fingers crossed I can get those gorgeous leaves back. Overall happy.
Gorgeous Plant, not for the faint of heart
5/5 in terms of wow factor on foliage. Received a 4 leaf plant with good stem, but minimal roots. Some had rot but was expecting this. The plant requires extremely high humidity. Taking a bit longer to acclimate but again, this was expected given their humidity disclaimers.
Took a longer time to acclimatize than other plants, but worth it! The beautiful leaf veins definition started showing up right after.