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Philodendron verrucosum 2
Philodendron verrucosum 2

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Really dissapointed
Not only did I receive a small plant, I received one in which all the leaves are dying and dead. The plant is floppy, it has extensive root rot and a super small root system. I’m pretty disappointed in this purchase. I wish I could share pictures because it is truly so ugly and horrible.
Was better than expected
Location shipped to: SINGAPORE

Had very low expectations from this (nearly zero) because of the mixed reviews, & from people in singapore who have bought this plant from ecuagenera too.

Expected dead or yellowed leaves or a plant that is beyond redemption. However, it came in a better state than I expected although there was yellowing & browning on leaves. I'm giving this 4/5 stars because the root system is great & had lots of healthy roots, also I received the plant on 18 Jan 2023 & today is 23 Jan 2023 with a new leaf unfurling. No 5/5 stars because the aerial roots were very dried, so no to little chance of propagation.

What I did when I received the plant:
1. Get a pail of room temperature water & place the plant's roots together with ecuagenera's media in water. Let it sit in water for 2-3 hours to rehydrate & place it in a dark/shaded cool area.

2. Gently remove some of ecua's media. Do not remove all the media because you wouldn't want to disturb the roots.

3. Pot it in well draining aroid mix & thoroughly water the plant. You might need a moss pole to hold the plant up.

4. Wrap sphagnum moss on aerial roots, & place plant in a cool shaded place. I placed mine in Ikea's Hyllis shelf & zipped up the cover to create a green house.
Bouncing Back!
I knew the Verracosum doesn't travel well, but she's making a comeback! I may lose more leaves first, but the stem and current leaves are strong and the roots are bouncing back (they were dry, as expected) nicely! Ordered 7 more plants this morning. High quality!
Wilting a little
This is a top cutting with a single 8" root.
It's wilting a little but I think it will survive.
Great considering these don't tend to ship well
I know these don't ship well. However the plant seemed ok. All other plants that did show up with this order where down right phenomenal so I wasn't too upset or surprised that this one was a little week. Lost 2 leaves off the get go..with proper care on my end I should be able to save the rest. Will buy again
Beautiful plant, but follow instructions
These have a little difficulty with travel, so I lost three of the four leaves, but it also had a leaf that wasn't unfurled yet, and that one came thru travel beautifully. Within two weeks, that leaf unfurled, and it's pushing out two more! Keep it in pretty high humidity (I built a box for it to stand in water and covered at night) and let it breathe in the daytime. No pests or disease, plenty of nodes, and it's taking off. Gorgeous plant. I'm very happy with it.
Be prepared
It is hard to acclimate but its expected. It lost all leaves and the root system was almost all rotted. There are a lot of nodes though so completely worth it.
I did lose two of the three leaves due to shipping but plant is otherwise healthy and beautiful. Last leaf has held on and I can see new growth after about a month!
Beautiful and healthy plant
Arrived 2 weeks ago and it's still in really good condition. No yellow leaves.
The plant is acclimating well.
Well packaged and no shipping damage. I'm happy with this purchase too.
Worth the anxiety!
Was expecting plant will arrive poorly after reading reviews but decided to try anyway. Worth the (mild) anxiety!
Plant arrived still green with little yellowing on leaves (large!) on edges and very, very little damage. Good roots. Waited to review after 3-4 weeks. Plant acclimatising well in chunky medium topped with spaghnum (average humidity at 65%).
2 plants, mixed reviews
both plants arrived with browning at the bottom-most node. One snapped off totally during shipment, while the other stayed on and somehow managed to recover 2 weeks after shipment. Better care while packing this plant for shipment might be warranted.
First purchase from Ecuagenera, better than expected from the vibes from the review
I was initially skeptical about the plant since it was mentioned that this verrucosum does not ship well. Received a plant with 3 small and 3 medium-sized leaves with good root system. The smallest and oldest leaf was yellow and was cut. Followed the instructions to soak the plant in water for 2 days before planting them. The plant was revived with the hydration and was planted in aroid potting mix and moss pole. My mistake was not watering the mix on the first day, resulting in the leaves looking withered when I returned home from work. Luckily, the leaves were saved upon watering the potting mix and the plant is now healthy and growing a new shoot. The entire experience improved my confidence in buying plants from Ecuagenera and I look forward to the delivery of my next purchase.
This is the highest quality plant mail that I have ever received. I could not be more happy with my new plants.
Love it!
For a verrucosum, it shipped spectacularly well. All but 1 leaf dropped, but other than that the plant is in excellent health!
fragile plant
As warned, didn't ship very well! I got a good sized plant with about 7 leaves. I had to snip off three dead leaves and the rest had brown marks on them, creased and not looking great. I soaked it in a bucket overnight before potting it up. It is just stabilising now after two months and is in the process of making a new leaf. I am glad it survived though and it's such a gorgeous plant!
Bigger than expected
My verrucosum is acclimating well. The roots were not in the best of shape but knowing how far it has to travel it is understandable. I immediately placed it in water and into my grow tent to recover for a few weeks. It is doing fine. Thank you for giving me enough plant material to work with.
Good and healty plant
I unwrap a philodendron Verucrosum, little bit stressed but very nice plant. I prescripted her a cold-steam-spa and I have the impression that she loves it, flexed leaves due to the transport are allready impeccable after 48h. Healty roots and leaves, will become a very good plant, new leaves are still coming ...
big plant, bad roots
my plant was massive but roots were terrible, had to chop and prop to get her going and did a complete re-root. thankfully philos reroot pretty easily and i didn't have a problem there
This is a beautiful plant.
I love this plant. I ordered it and had it shipped to their store in Apopka, Florida, where I picked it up along with lots of other plants. My plant is healthy and currently growing and adapting in moss.
Beautiful and in great condition
Received this plant in very good condition and with healthy roots. Didn't expect it to be a small plant, but nonetheless I am happy with it.
I got a beautiful plant with good roots. Not a single leaf turned yellow.
Doing less = more!
This is my 3rd attempt on V2 and I knew I must get it right.

I’ve learnt the art of doing nothing (after weeks it’s still in EG’s media and I’ve not repot in my own aroid mix). Well it works because the plant is thriving!

1) Simply place the plant in a slightly bigger pot to promote aeration.

2) Threw Sphagnum moss at the top of the media to trap moisture beneath.

3) Wrapped the tiny aerial roots with sphagnum moss so they don’t dry out.

4) Mist the plants at least 8 times per day (front and back leaves) because the leaves love being wet.

5) Surround it with bushy foliage (micans is a good company) for humidity.

6) Let it acclimatised and see new growths

What amazes me was the outcome - the art of doing nothing.

It has since threw 2 beautiful purplish green leaves with distinctive V2 veins.

Though it’s a small plant, I’m glad it’s healthy and doing well here in my greenhouse.

Thanks Israel for sending such gorgeous specimen once again.
Very good
I was prepared for this plant to look terrible upon arrival as verrucosum are notorious for not shipping well.
However, the plant I received was healthy, and aside from one yellowed leaf, in beautiful condition. I've had it in soil for two weeks now, and it is already putting out a new leaf. Overall very happy with this plant.
The freight carrier smashed the box, but thanks to the careful packaging, the plants were not damaged.
Beautiful plant...pity it hates me
This is my second attempt with verru 2. This plant arrived and looked okay. I placed in water to plump up and acclimate for a few days and it just wilted. I'm only left with the stalk now. It's potted and I'm hoping for a miracle. It really doesn't seem to like being shipped.
I was blown away by the verru that I received. Not only was it larger than expected (three large leaves) but the roots were not bad at all. No extreme damage to anything and only one leaf had some cosmetic damage (to be expected). I am so glad I took the chance on the verru.
Received smaller specimen
Quite disappointed it is smaller than their usual specimens. A friend ordered at the same day and received double the size. Other than the inconsistency on the size, the plant looks better than the first two that I ordered and it looks like it is acclimating nicely too. This does not ship well so manage your expectations, the price is still worth it though.
Shipped super well
Location - Singapore

Didn't hold high expectation as the website states that it doesn't ship well but it is not the case for me. The specimen arrived great, only the cataphyll was slightly damaged, which is understandable. The new leaf inside the cataphyll did not make it but the plant is still very healthy. Minimum acclimatization was needed and it is already putting its second new leaf out in less than 2 weeks. Definitely recommend!
So so
They arent kidding when they say that these ship quite poorly. I ordered two, they both looked... okay but not great. One of them settled in and has seemed to acclimate okay, the other looked terrible, lost its leaves and roots and started shriveling up. I have two nodes left of the shriveled guy and am trying to save what I can. Totally recommend ordering more than one just incase.
Okay size, lost all leaves
I placed order for 4 verru varieties and this was the only one I am disappointed in. Received fairly small, pretty pathetic plant with no leaves that made it past 24 hours. Roots were gone as well so I am left with a couple of nodes to prop. Recommend trying a different flavor verru if you are looking to order or maybe I just got a rough one haha.
Great deal for this product!
Ordered two of these, both came with multiple leaves but lost at least 1-2 within days of arrival. Color and size is fantastic on the remaining ones though. Good chonk and roots too, very happy with this order as well!!!!
HUGE plant, shipped okay
Received 3 large plants, 5 leaves each of decent size. Leaves def wilted after travel and I will most likely need to prop part of the plant but overall WOW what a great deal for this price!!! I placed another order immediately for 2 more. HIGHLY RECOMMEND. One of my best specimens imported yet
Tiny and damaged
Was disappointed at how tiny the plant is. Came with leaves that were damaged and torn and wilting. Plant looks like it had just been propagated for a few weeks before it was shipped with weak root system.
Gorgeous plant, growing well
This plant did surprisingly well with shipping, despite the warnings and we only lost two leaves in shipping.

Ecuagenera ended up sending us a stem that had many nodes on it, so we ended up cutting it up and distributing it amongst us, I haven't heard that any have died, and mine is growing well!! It's been about a month, and I've gotten two new leaves. I can't wait to see how this plant grows!
Not as Scary as The Description Implies!
This plant arrived with 5-6 leaves all very healthy and green. I was expecting some loss reading the description, but it has lost none so far. There was some minimal root damage but the remaining root system is big, creamy coloured and healthy. I agree with some other comments here that the leaves are small and still very juvenile, but I guess that is common with Verrucosum and it will need some time before putting out beautiful mature leaves.
I underestimated this plant
Honestly, I got two of these because I heard that verrucosums are terrible shippers and are difficult to acclimate. Out of the different types that I purchased, I have to say that this is the easiest one of them to acclimate. Both of mine are throwing out aerial roots like crazy, and I've noticed that they've rooted in moss quite quickly. If you're deciding between the different forms, try purchasing this one first.
ok i guess
shipped well to singapore
while it was a healthy plant and had a good root system, it was very juvenile and didn't have the distinct veins as advertised. pretty disappointing and I'm pretty sure I was sent the wrong form
So far.. it's alive
I have lost one or two leaves, but the rest is fine. THe roots were very dry, but I haven't lost a lot of them (it still needs rooting, but it's alive).
It looks NOTHING like the verru in the photo. It actually looks like incensi. I wouldn't recommend it though - mainly because you get a tiny plant that looks nothing like the pic.
OMG. The verrucosums I've bought from others domestically don't even compare. I got express shipping and the plant came pristine, had 3 healthy leaves and 1 new leaf. Good roots, even had aerial roots at each node. I've had no issues acclimating it.
The plant was in perfect condition and did not even loose the growing leaf (something that always happend before they started offering express delivery option). I am very happy with the plant, I put it in water to soak and then first week keept it moist. It recovered from delivery very fast, in about a week started with a new growth
ohh verrucosum...
I tried several times to order it, got the plant pictured in pic no 3, leaves yellowed and died from transport, Ecuagenera customer service is great and are replacing it, thank you!
Beautiful plant
Very healty, good size, beautiful plant. It has no shipping issues, travelled good. Big and healty root system. I was afraid to order because lot of People seem to have problems with it, but I'm glad I changed my mind. Plant is awsome!
Not sure why a lot of people seem to have problems with this one! Put it in a propagation box as soon as you get it with very high humidity and it will do fine. Mine only lost one leaf and put out a new one days later. Slowly!!!!!! Let it acclimate to your conditions. Do this over a month and you shouldn’t have issues! These are tropical plants coming from the best growing conditions. They will not be happy in your home right out of the box. Give them love and they will love you back! Ecuagenera thank you for the amazing Philodendron!!!!
it is not just a rooted cutting. I was surprised when I saw the number of leaves on it. Magnificent. Love it.
Good size
Good size, ofcourse some leaves will drop but im satisfied.
Great plant
Plant received was quite small and the newer leaves have wilted but that was expected. Roots were healthy and there were 2 grow points. It has recovered well and is now putting out new leaves.
Healthy Plant
Healthy plant with well established root ball was shipped all the way to Asia and made it in one piece. The plant acclimatised well and is putting out new leaves.
Amazing plant. Shipped really well
After reading the description that this plant does not travel so well, my shipping was surprisingly really good. the existing leaves were not super great, but new shot was there and root system was awesome. I believe that Europeans benefit from soil mix instead of moss. But what surprises me more is that with each new leaf it gets more and more awesome. I have four new leaves now in my care and they looks so different than the shipped leaves and I think the more they produce the more the leaves will look like the stock photo. By a mile my favourite Verrucosum so far.
Amazing plant
exceeded my expectations! I received a good size plant with a nice amount of healthy roots. There were some blemishes on some leaves which is to be expected with such a tender plant so no big deal to me. I had concerns because I know that verrucosums can be fussy but It established very quickly and is already growing vigorously. Very happy with this purchase.
Small cutting did not ship well to Singapore
Received a small cutting with 3 wilted leaves and minimal roots. Looks like it was propagated for just a couple of weeks before it was shipped
Small but healthy plant
Received with no issue, other than some shipment shocked, some damage leave. Roots are healthy and is acclimatize well in SG environment. Thanks for the nice plant!
Not a strong specimen
Received a plant with 3 leaves, one fell off due to shipping damage, but very skinny stems and what looked like aerial roots. Having a hard time rooting these. They are in a prop-box with high humidity and sphagnum. Hoping they do better in the coming weeks.
Always eager to purchase duplicates of the Verrucosum 2 from Ecuagenera. Probably their hardiest Verrucosum, they always send two leaves and a growth point with good roots. Seems to ship the best. Don't tempt fate and put this in substrate right away, follow their lead w peat perlite and shade but first straight in to water for a little while after shipping!
Bounced Back Quickly!
There were 3 leaves and 1 unfurling. 1 of the mature leaf was yellow, which was expected. Roots were okay and pot in water immediately and it bounced back within 3 days.
Przyszedł idealny, żadnych uszkodzeń:)
Doesn't ship well and never seems to perk up :(
I have ordered this product twice - once USPS delays meant I got popsicles, and the second time the plant arrived in good condition, but wilted so quickly. The roots were all mush, but I cut them off and let it soak in water until there was new growth like it says to do on the site. It pushed out a new leaf, but that is so wilty too, and I haven't seen any new root growth in over a month. The leaves are there, but they are like wet paper. It has really struggled to acclimate to my house and has not really shown much growth since I got it about a month ago...I have it in an Ikea cabinet at 70% humidity and about 70-75F. It is still in water until I see root growth. Hopefully it perks up with time....
One of my last shipments I received some of these. one was rotten at the stem in a few places and the roots were entirely rotten. Most of the plants I receive have rotten roots sadly.
roots completely rotted, stem snapped in two places
My verru 2 came with 99% roots rotted (maybe 2 inches of possibly salvageable roots on it) and its stem was snapped in two places. I cut it where it was snapped and put the top cutting in moss and it surprisingly is doing okay. The middle chunk lost its two leaves completely--they just melted away within a day. The bottom piece didn't have any leaves growing from it, but still had a node, so I potted that separtely. Giving two stars instead of 1 since, just maybe, I might somehow end up with all the pieces alive.
Root bound.
Root bound, very healthy. Took me awhile to untangle all the roots
Came with 4 leaves and 1 unfurling.
Due to shipping stress, 2 older leaves were yellow, and the third leaf will likely turn yellow too.

Give it some time, with good circulation and humidifier, it will thrive and do well.
My initial order had most of my plants arrive dead. Ecuagenera was good enough to replace them. I ordered 3 of the plants. They are all basically sticks, one of them has a leaf. They have decent roots though so I think I can rehab them well. These are very small plants, maybe 3 inches. You can't beat their price so I am still happy with what I got.
The plant arrived in very good condition, losing only one leaf out of 5. The roots were good and healthy and it is now thriving after been repotted and placed in my greenhouse. The only issue I have is the size. The leaves are significantly smaller than the advertised photo, therefore, I would rather try my luck next time buying another type of Verrucossum.
Beautiful but....
Like description says, this plant does not travel well. Was a large specimen, when sent but leaves have since yellowed and fell off. Overall happy with it tho.
Four leaves in nice condition without damage, stem circa 20cm, healthy roots despite the cold weather conditions when it arrived. Good package and communication with the seller.
Ordered 2, one is a nice size, already climbing. Great leaves but rotten roots-keeping in water until I see more new root growth, which is already starting after just about a week.
The other is very small and rotten with all leaves in a slimy mush, this one was in a plastic bag. It's in serious rehab. Every plant that ships in plastic arrives rotten. Please stop using plastic on the plants.
Larger than expected
I was honestly worried about receiving this particular plant considering that its quite sensitive and especially considering the issues with USPS due to the weather conditions. Upon receiving my package I was expecting a couple of yellow leaves at the best but was pleasantly surprised to find that there were no yellow leaves and that it came with 4 leaves in total, a couple of which were as large as my hand. Overall an amazing job and far exceeded my expectations!
It's ok
Location - singapore

Roots were decent; however, plant was much much smaller than shown here.

Leaves arrived in good condition without yellowing, even though the medium feels wetter than it needs to be.

I would be wary about ordering this if you expect the shipment to take awhile as roots might rot
Actual plant is much smaller than the picture
Seedling size although stated/presented as adult medium size. Would be better if they can control the consistency. Contacted the seller and all I was told was to grow and wait.
One of my favorite verrus from this site. Arrived healthy with 2 leaves and nice roots. quickly acclimated. I paid for express shipping because verrus dont ship well and didnt want the plant to suffer too much.
very good
both plants arrived in reasonable condition. One was a good size and i was delighted with it.. the other was healthy but half the size. Still pleased overall.
Showed up healthy
Ordered this despite the warning they don't ship well. Only one unhappy leaf and is thriving in my greenhouse. Would order again.
healthy plant
I have used express shipping service for this particular individual and it has arrived in a very good shape, with a slight damage to the old leaf and a new roll. The root system is totally healthy. There was no problem with acclimatization, the plant is making a new leaf after a week and a half. The sizing though is on the tiny side, the biggest leaf being around 13cm.
Arrived surprising well.
Ordered with express shipping in late summer TX. Arrived with 4 leaves. 3/4 damaged but only lost 2. Good root system. Currently growing well in spag. moss. Buy only if you are experienced rooting and rehabbing.
Good condition
Wasn't having high hopes as this plant is known for not shipping well but surprisingly all 3 leaves arrived in good shape. Plant size is on the smaller side but overall condition is good.
arrived safely but a little the worse for wear....put in water 24 hours and then potted it.....hope it does well..
really tiny
size is rather inconsistent, some orders that other people received within the same batch were huge. the leaves on mine are smaller than my palm. there was some rot on the node that I had to cut back. node is about the length of my pinky. well-rooted, minor rot but expected from shipping
Good shape
I expect that this would be much more rough shape than it was. To Be Honest it was in pretty great shape! And great roots also. Only downside was that it has a pretty long stem so it did break during The journey on one Part but I did cut it and now The top is rooting and The other Part with roots are doing great so I really recommend this!
Arrived in great shape
Verru's don't always travel well but the three I received were well packaged and I only lost a single leaf even though they were shipped without using express mail.
Beautiful plant, underside of the leaf is red.
Great plant arrived in great shape.
I was nervous about importing this notoriously fussy plant and sure enough, mine arrived with several limp yellow leaves and some crispy edges, generally sad and washed out looking, just as expected.
The roots, however, were gorgeous and the stem firm and healthy- I knew they would bounce back with good care and they absolutely did in spades. One month of bright summer shade and subtropical humidity and my verrus are *stunning*, throwing out new growth, fantastic color, beautiful texture- I had serious trepidations ordering but I’m genuinely happy that I did
I knew it would be a rough ride for this beauty but it came in better condition than I expected. 2 out-of 5 leaves were yellowed but it had 2 new growth points! I rehabbed it and it is now in my aroid mix, in my indoor greenhouse and is happy. I will order again.
Highly recommended
They arrived with some browning on the leaves but with healthy root system. I did a 24-hour rehab and planted them straight into my aroid mix. They're looking pretty good now after a week. Philos are easier to take care of. I'll order more from them.
As the description does say & w/ many verrucosum they just don't ship well. But, you're sent a decently established plant w/ lots of growth points & a decent root system. Just expect it to need recovery time. But, bounces back quickly.
Amazing plant!
It's been 3 months since I have received this plant (and it was in rough shape since USPS lost it for 10 days!) and despite that, it is now thriving in my care. I had to cut the top off but since then it has brought 3 leaves and it I find it to be quite a rigorous grower.
OK, still rehabing, trying to promote healthier roots
This plant arrived with yellowing leaves. I've been rehabbing it ever since, hoping to improve the root system.
Great established roots
As expected, the leaves were a little damaged in shipping. Any plant with leaves like this struggles after shipping. However it was packed extremely well and the roots are established and perfect. I'm confident it will bounce back with correct care
Lovely plant but arrived with torn leaves
Received this with a huge torn leaf from the shipping
A big solid plant unfortunately in bad condition.
First of all: I am generally satisfied with my order. Two out of three plants are in pretty OK/good condition. The Verrucosum would be also a stunning big plant, but I received it in a real bad condition. I immediately wrote an email, but didn't get an answer until today :-(..
Nice size plant but the roots are dry. Only one leaf was not folded & creased. Will have to wait for the new growth for beauty.