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Philodendron patriciae

Philodendron patriciae

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I'm impressed
The size of the plant wow! The biggest leaf is over a foot long! I'm very impressed by the size of it, however the root system was not great. I chopped it in half so it's easier to re-root. Will see how it fairs with the acclimation process since it's my first try with this philo
She is beautiful and healthy, the roots look great. So excited to have this plant
Didn't ship well
This was my first philo purchase as it was a major wishlist plant. When I got it, the leaves looked pretty decent considering but the roots were not happy. I did everything I could to give the plant life but I could not get it to reroot. I eventually tried to chop and prop as it had multiple nodes but all rotted, likely a me issue. While I did not have good luck, I will try again especially since the prices are dropping and really you can't beat the price so its worth the risk! But my experience is as far as importing the anthurium I get do far better than the philos, so I may have to try to get my Patriciae from the US site that has been more established first.
Came beautiful and stayed beautiful. Nice plant. I have her in super chunky aroid mix. Growing very well. She appreciates higher humidity and have noticed faster growth when i have provided it. Not fussy at all.
Excellent condition
Super big plant....great customer experience
Love Ecuador
More leaves than expected
This plant was shipped to me in Belgium. It arrived with 9(!) leaves, 2 big ones and 7 small ones. No yellowing, it acclimatisized perfectly and has 2 new growing points!
So beautiful plant
This plant (also) had a very rough traveling. It arrived absolutely nice. Even all the long leaves are fine. Looks beautiful. I hope it will be happy with me too!
arrived in really condition.
2 big leaves and healthy roots
Most beautiful !!!
Easily acclimated, putting out new leaf and nice roots. What a wonderful large plant. Largest leaf is over 12in. There will always be some type of imperfections on any plant. Its the nature of shipping and importing from another country. Expect that, minimal on this plant. Shipped very well.
I could not believe the size of this stunning plant. I it is normally a beautiful specimen but in this large a form it is just breathtaking. I am currently collecting strap anthuriums and this is one is right up there with one if the best.
The plant has four leaves and every single one has damages on them, even the newest one that has not unfurled yet. This was my second order from them and sadly all the four plants I received were packed badly and looked like they were from the bargain bin. The plus side is all the plants has a very healthy root system and given time and TLC should thrive. Maybe I was expecting too much as all six plants from my first order were in immaculate condition. Oder number three of eleven plants is due sometime in January hopefully they will be the same standard as my first purchase.
Essential plant for a plant collection
Plant of good size arrived in France in very good condition despite the cold. Begins to release his new leaf a week later. Best choice of my order. Thank you Paul.
Absolutely stunning!
I'm so glad that I ended up ordering myself a Patriciae! She's even more beautiful in person, the largest leaf has gorgeous ripples and already resembles the mature form. Best of all, it came with two plants in one! I definitely recommend ordering from them. Beautiful plants, unbeatable prices, and wonderful customer service. Thank you so much Ecuagenera! So excited for my next two shipments to arrive!
Paid for expedited shipping and the plant arrived in very bad shape. All leaves have died off and I'm hoping for its recovery, but doesn't look good. Opened the box to find the philo in very bad shape. The anthurium pallidiflorum seedling arrived in the same box in great shape and is doing fine.
Big and nice
I received big, strong plant, after 3 weeks it unfurling new leaf! I think it shipped really good and don't need long aclimatisation.
5 stars
I'm so glad I took the chance on this plant. I was worried about the long shipping. But it's growing new roots and is so beautiful!
This is one of the beautiful plants I’ve ordered!!!!
I want to say thank you from the bottom of my heart. This plant will be near and dear to my heart because my mom just recently passed away but her name is Patricia so this one is dedicated to her. They sent an amazing big beautiful plant, elegant & strong like her. I could talk all day about her but I want to say THANK YOU so very much!!!!
Was Skeptical
Was Skeptical based off previous ratings and went back and forth about placing the order until I bit the bullet. The plant I received had a small, but healthy root system and a couple of larger ~10" leaves. It acclimated well, didnt drop any leaves and has put out healthy roots. Additionally, the species is stunning. Quickly becoming my favorite plant in my collection and really looking forward to growing it out.
I received a large, healthy specimen. The plant was larger and more established than I expected. The packing, shipping, and communication were excellent.
Lush plant
I have received a lush plant with healthy roots. Some leaves are damaged but that is a given for imported plants. It is already currently growing another leaf whilst in a makeshift greenhouse. Can't wait to see it grow!
healthy plant with good roots
i am extremely happy with the quality of my specimen as it came with good roots and many leaves. the largest leaf was about 35cm as well. best of all, my specimen has 3 growth points for some reason, so i don't feel as bad seeing the price drop just days after my order was placed. still wish i could have saved that 50 bucks though!
As close to perfect as you can get.
This plant was packaged with great care. The delicate roots were not happy about being shipped but bounced back very quickly. It is currently pushing a new leaf.
healthy plant that even had an offset that had it's own developed root system, two for the price of one! as always delivered quickly and with great communication. Ecuagenera stays on point.
Healthy plant with good (but small) root system
I was worried because of the rather middling reviews but my worries turned out to be unfounded. The plant arrived healthy, with 3 hardened and one developing leaf. The root system was small but healthy and if you know how to acclimate plants this should not be an issue. Now, after a few weeks in the greenhouse, it has a strong root sytem, aerial roots and two new leaves.
Not 100% happy
My dream plant! Delivered not in best condition - root system small, leaves with stains. Hope it will get better soon. Medium size plant.
Beautiful & healthy specimen - reduced in price
I was worried after reading some of the 3 star reviews but mine was delivered with no issue and is happily growing (just produced immaculate new leaf). I'm taking off one star as the price has dropped $50 in the last month where I paid $300 :(
I am disappointed because I could have saved quite a bit of money just by ordering a few weeks later. This doesn't only apply to this plant, but unfortunately to my last really large orders...
I am disappointed because I could have saved quite a bit of money just by ordering a few weeks later. This doesn't only apply to this plant, but unfortunately to my last really large orders...
Glad I purchased this!
I have to be honest, I was very skeptical about getting this plant because of the reviews and the high price tag. I ended up getting two just because I really like this plant and I wanted to double my chances of having one plant survive. Well guess what? Both plants started putting out roots a few weeks after I got them! They have also put out new leaves about a month or so into acclimation. I am so so happy I decided to purchase these!
Wonderfully Bushy
Received healthy bushy plant with healthy roots. Now I have extra 3 plants of 1. Amazing
Got mine with 2 growth points, 7 leaves. Has decent roots as well. Pretty impressive for a shipment to Asia.
Small but manageable and THRIVING
After a handful of orders, I have learned that generally the higher the price, the smaller the plant.

This trend has been consistent BUT despite the initial size, the specimen and currently has it is thriving and has put out numerous new leaves.

In the images, there is a general scale for the measurement of approx leaf size that is accurate.

Regardless of size, their listed price is the most competitive price you can find for this plant on the current market.

The plant is admittedly a faster grower than I anticipated.

Ideal conditions, consistency, a little bit of luck are needed but if all fails and you follow the policies, the customer service from this company and its staff exceeds expectations.
Seedling size with no roots
For the price I would not recommend it at all. I received a tiny plant with no viable roots. 2 of the 4 leaves were completely yellow and the other 2 are so limp I guarantee they won't last long. What I received was not comparable to the photos whatsoever. If this was a $100-$150 plant I would be fine rehabbing and growing it out, but for the cost, I expected much more. Extremely disappointed.
Small plant with little roots..
Root ball is small with only one flimsy main root connected to the stem of the small plant. The little roots are embedded in sphagnum moss stuck onto it making it hard to remove. Expected a more stable plant for this price. Wouldn't really recommend..
Too small to ship...
this was one of the anticipated purchase that took me a long while to commit due to the hefty price tag for the small specimen one's going to receive. Plant arrived with 2 yellowing leaves and has to be removed. Root system is way too small and with all honesty I think its way to early to sell plants this small which may be totally stressful during shipping and its going to have very challenging days ahead staying alive.
Excellent Packaging
This plant survived half a round trip to Asia and has well established roots upon arrival. Little to no signs of root rot. Will purchase again ++
Seedling that ended up rotting entirely
Was my most exciting plant purchase of the year until it actually arrived with all leaves broke off. There are some weak roots that are rotted. Still in the process of working with the sale team to sort it out. Given this experience, I would not recommend buying.
Came rotted. Waste of 330. I tried saving it, followed my typical import protocol. Cut off all rot, treated. Still died. Most of it was already rotted and leaves had a weird fungal issue as well.
Excellent Customer Service
The issue I have dealt with my purchased order of Philodendron Patriciae has been resolved fairly, refunded money back.
Mr.Israel Ochoa who handled my case is very patient who guided me through,his excellent service is well appreciated.
I thank you so much!
Great service!

All the best!

Cynthia A.
Zero Survival Rate
I am not happy with this order of Philodendron Patriciae,which is not what expected,this caused me anxiety! with the amount of money I paid for this tiny plant is not a joke! I received a young juvenile plant with yellow leaves fell off,root is rotten,black in color and mushy.There's no way it will survive! I tried to contact Ecuagenera through email,exhausted my concern,resolution is not fair at all! A refund of 30%?? Are you kidding me? I paid $330..My money will be thrown away just like that?.Holy Mighty,Help me! I hope they would do better.I am not happy with this purchased.I am more than happy to get a replacement,will return this poor tiny back.
Wouldn't really recommend it
Date arrived: 01/5/21

Plant arrived ok without root rot.
However, the root ball was small and they were all attached only to one main root. Plant arrived as small cutting or seedling without being attached to a main stem.

In a situation where the plant shipped poorly, i would expect a rootless plant without any energy reserves to generate new roots. Fortunately for me, it arrived ok.

For the price, i would expect more roots or at least with a main stem that would help as buffer in case anything happens to the plant during shipping rehabilitation.
root rot and hard to rehab
plant came in root rot and had to start to root all over again.
This was a smaller plant than I thought I would receive for the money.