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Philodendron mamei
Philodendron mamei

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Spider Mites Magnet
Shipped ok. Spider Mites magnet. The plant is doing ok but spider mites is really impacting its ability to take off and do well. Not a direct reflection of Ecuagenera. Issue is with this plant.
Small, like 1/3 of the picture!
Small, like 1/3 of the picture!
Alive but small!
Plant is alive, no yellow leaves but SMALL, like 4-5 inches for the biggest leaf. I asked customer service and he said this is the usual size of the plants they said. Quite disappointing.
Tiny, but hardy
The plant I received was very, very small, which is disappointing considering I ordered the full-size mamei and not the medium or the seedling. Roots were pretty good, just needed a little bit of trimming. Lost a couple of leaves, but nothing out of the ordinary. Seems to be doing really well now that it’s acclimated. Just wish it was the size I expected :(
This plant imported well. Took a couple/few weeks to recoup and is a great plant.
Didn’t ship well
Leaves dropped after shipping and I’m left with a rehab.
Awesome plant! I got lucky as I received a flawless plant. The petioles are reddish so a bit unique from other mamei i see. Love this!
Great shippers
Received a pretty mamei with huge leaves and great looking roots.
Not great
The leaves were all showing signs of yellowing, despite ordering express shipping. All leaves fell off after a week. Thankfully, the roots were relatively strong still. I am now trying to resurrect this from death.
Good plant - Roots rot :/
Received a super 5 leaves plant but roots were rot in part. I agree the shipping to eu was long and this can happen to everyone and the number of nodes is sufficient to be sure I can save the plant so I'm happy. Other plants were really nice and healthy !
Beautiful plant
Received a beautiful healthy plant with amazing roots.
Continue the good work, so all off us can enjoy beautiful plants.
Thank you Ecuagenera and all the team. !
Good health
Plant with 4 médium leafs and good roots. Transport ok, no problème ;)
my plant was arrived in amazing condition. for context,I live in New Jersey. once you get your plant I recommend soaking the roots in water with some superthrive and putting it in a clear storage tub ( to maintain humidity). The most important part was keeping it in the tub near grow lights to acclimate to your climate. also acclimate it to light intensity since it has been in a box while shipping. all of this will mitigate shipping shock and result in a healthy plant. My plant is currently about to give me two new leaves
my mamei arrived in amazing condition. The leaves were nice and big. my plant even had two new leaves that were are to come out. very happy with my plant
Good plant fornthe $
Came with 4 leaves. The roots were pretty much gone but rerooted quickly and didn't lose Ny leaves and after 2 minths has put out new leaf
Shipped nicely, acclimated quickly
Can't go wrong with a mamei. I found them very easy to acclimate and easy to root. Highly recommend anyone to get one!
Beautiful plant
Another plant from Ecuagenera that held well during shipping. No yellowing or lost leaves at all. The roots were healthy except on the lower node which was a huge mess of dead roots.
This one showed up nice. Roots were not good. I re rooted it and is now happy. I do however feel this plant brought in spider mites
Big plant with 3 huge leaves
the plant arrived with three beautfiul leaves. However, one leaf seems to be infected.
One month later, the plant still looks amazing.
Healthy plants, very happy owner :)
I ordered two Philodendron Mamei plants. They arrived very fast and in great condition. Only leaves were a little bit crumpled, which is normal. Roots were healthy and the plants started growing with no problems in a few days. Both of them sprouted new leaves within two weeks after arrival.
I'm very happy with my purchase :)
doesnt like his travelling
all root was dead, leaf too... placed it in reanimation... ok now but i have a little specie...
Had good roots and big leaves.
No roots at all..
I got a pretty big plant with 5 leaves. When I unpacked the roots they were completely rotten.
Came in mint condition 3 weeks ago. Already 2 New leaves. I was really happily surprised.
Excellent Plant
Decided to try shipping this plant for the first time and I was very pleased as the root was in very healthy condition and the leaves and shoot were all green. Not much acclimatization is needed for mine.
Top quality great price BEAUTIFUL
would purchase from ecuagenera again. Item shipped safely and in great shape. My plant was beautiful
healthy roots, three medium wized leaves and no damage
Would recommend to anyone!
Amazing plant, great shipping, thank you!
Received in excellent condition! Thank you.
excellent condition
I'm so pleased with this plant - I received a fairly big specimen with three leaves and one growth point. All the leaves arrived intact minus some minor damage on one and the root system was great. I'm slowly increasing the light and keeping it humid for now, hope it survives and grows. Highly recommend
Beautiful Markings
While watching unboxing video's from Ecuagenera I have seen these plants come in larger. However, my plant was strong and beautiful there were 3 leaves and a good root system.
Very nice plant with 4 internodes and very healthy also with roits
A very good experience
It was the first time I ordered from this site.
I had a good feedback from other people so I ordered two mamei and one pastazanum. The plants came in a very good condition, packaging was good too and the prices were really competitive. Can't wait for the other plants in my wishlist to restock, so that I order again. Of course I've recommended the site to other plantfriends too
Amazing plants and great customer service!
Ordered April 1 arrived in US April 20 and got to my house by April 23 through UPS. I’m so happy with the plant I received, had 4 mature leaves and 1 unfurling in the pack. Customer service answered all my questions very fast and helpful! I will definitely be ordering more plants I’m so glad I found a trustworthy place to get great tropical plants!
Beautiful plant, amazing customer service!!
I ordered my plants in late December and received notification from Ecuagenera that shipment would not go out until February, which I was totally fine with. Once they were ready to ship, they asked if I wanted to upgrade shipping, since it was still very cold in my area, I’m in NYC. I paid the extra fee for overnight shipping, but thanks to the PO’s mishandling, I did not receive my package until over a week later. Of course, by that point the plants were totally dead, to my great disappointment, as the size of the plants was beyond anything I could have hoped for. I never imagined that I would get such large specimens, especially for the price, made all the sadder, as they did not survive the trip. I emailed customer service immediately, and they worked with me to send me replacements. It took about another month to receive my plants, which at that point, I was willing to wait even longer to avoid having the same disaster happen, but they sent the plants at their own expense, next day, and I received the most beautiful plants. I could not be happier with them and I will be forever grateful for the great care that Ecuagenera gave my plants, and me, throughout this whole process.
Beautiful healthy plant with good root system
Plant arrived safely in timely manner. Communication with Ecuagenera has been as well perfect.
I definitely recommend the company and this beautiful plant
The plant arrived in very healthy condition,excellent packaging ,even had new leaves ,I am very happy with my purchase,definitely buy from you again.Also the shipping was very fast too,it arrived before the due date.
Small but very healthy plant
The plant I received was fairly small, but very nice robust roots and very healthy. It took to potting well and is growing quickly without any issues. The markings on the leaves are stunning.
This plant arrived in excellent condition and is doing quite well. The root system is established. Very happy!
4 Big Huge Leaves
Ship very well to europe : 4 leaves with no damage
& good roots system, i recommend
Nice plant
Beautiful plant
Plant arrived in pretty good shape for cooler Temps. One leaf was a little bent from shipping and roots had some minor rot. Once treated and potted in a good mix, plant recovered well and is putting out a new leaf. Would order again.
Huge leaves and huge root system
This plant shipped amazingly well and I was blown away by the size of it. The plant I received had 3 huge leaves and a huge root system. I'm thrilled with this plant!
First time ordering and I was amazed when I opened the package. Beautiful, stunning plant with 2 large leaves and one new growth. Packaged well and roots were full and healthy. I made a second order and plan on ordering more.
On Steriods!
Arrived with 1 large and 4 small leaves but has since been pushing out new shoots every other week. Highly recommended plant!
5 stars
great beautifull and healthy plant
Beautiful as always
I’ve ordered multiple times, and will continue to. These plants are beautiful
beautiful healthy plant
i blown away by this plants when i open the package, actually all the plants that i bought here at ecuagenera are all healthy and beautiful,
Nice plant
The plant was a nice size with 4 leaves but I think the plant took a beating while being shipped. Hopefully, it will recover after a few weeks. Nonetheless, it seems quite healthy except for some yellow spots.
Rehab project
Plant arrived with two broken stems and very floppy. Out of the four leaves it had, only one survived. Roots actually look great though, no rot and a full root ball, so fingers crossed it survives as it's stunning!
Not acclimating
I bought 2. Arrived with 5-6 leaves and ok roots. The roots had some rot. At first, the plant looks great because the leaves did not take any damage, but the plants is very floppy. I've placed it in my greenhouse, but they have not perked up yet and the leaves are starting to yellow. I'm afraid all the leaves will die. Its been a week since they arrived.
I ordered first time from Germany and 4 different plants at once: a P. mamei, P. plowmanii, P. bannoniae and a M. subpinnata. When the package arrived I was worried about the size it was small and slender. I thought 4 plants in this? they will be crushed or small, but no. The Leaves were very well and carefully wraped in Paper, all neat packed so nothing would be tossed around inside. When I unwreaped everything I had 4 healthy, large plants with only one minor damage to one leave and very healthy and lots of roots on all of them.
Very nice specimen of Philodendron mamei!
Plant arrived in excellent, healthy condition! Great root system! Beautiful leaves!! A++++
A healthy plant that acclimated easily.
I am impressed with the quality of the plant. It arrived fast and it came in perfect condition. So much so that it acclimated super fast and the new leaf started to unfold. Thanks, Ecuagenera!
Healthy Plant
I had my order (with Express shipping) lost for two weeks and this arrived perfectly! Two weeks of acclimating and it's already putting out a new leaf! It was smaller than expected but with more leaves which was still an amazing value! Very impressed
Healthy plant
My plant arrived without a damage. Impressively, no transport damage either. The roots where healthy and developed and the plant looks like advertised. I would definitely recommend.
Super easy
The plant I received from ECUAGENERA already had 6-7 leaves on a relatively long stem with a small one just coming out. Considering the size of the plant, I consider it a bargain for this price. It rehabilitated easily and didn't give me much grieve despite the delivery happening on a sub zero day. The costumer service was extremely helpful before and after delivery, replying to emails very quickly and generally giving me a good service. Would definitely recommend. Just make sure you stick it in a high humidity environment IMMEDIATELY after arrival.
Beautiful mamei
Such a beautiful and full plant. Arrived very healthy here in the uk
I had heard that this philo was easily a nightmare to take care of. Not the one I got. It is luuuuvly!
Nice for the price
I ordered the plant in November and it didn't ship until February. Then it ended up getting lost in the mail for 2 weeks. Despite that, the plant looks really good. It's has 3 large leaves. There is some yellowing and the roots don't look amazing, but what can you expect after the postal delay. Overall, great for the price.
Pretty good!
I ordered this mid January and it shipped to California mid February, it arrived with 5 healthy leafs and some minor root rot. I potted up in sphagnum and pumice and it's already perked up and rooting well.
on life support
plant arrived with 5 leaves, 2 leaves instantly fell off. and I had to cut all the roots because of severe root rot. the other 3 leaves look good but without roots I'm expecting them to fall off too. pretty disappointed.
A big 10
Great size, great roots, healthy and beautiful!
The plant arrived perfectly packed, in good conditions with a healthy root system.
Beautiful Big Plant and Excellent Root System
I received a plant with 4 big leaves, the root system was excellent. Will buy from them again.
I order two and paid for express shipping. Unfortunately, all the leaves fell off within a week. The plant is easy to rehab though. Both are currently growing back small leaves.
stunning Plant
The plant is beautiful, but did not ship well.
Great delivery. Sent to Europe and delivered to home with a warm protective bag.
It amazes the plant
Skeartka without comment just praise
I'm still ordering. I'm waiting for new supplies.
It did not ship well and died in transit.
Five Stars!
I received my Philodendron mamei today. It was packaged with care and the specimen was well rooted, beautiful foliage, and undamaged by the cold. I will be purchasing more. Actually, all of the plants I purchased were in the same great condition.
very well rooted, perfect condition, a bit on the smaller side
So perfect!!
Just received this plant in the mail yesterday and it was so much better than I expected!! The plant has 4 leaves and a new one about to unfurl. I love it so much that I just ordered a Mamei Silver.
Loving it!
Hold back for this beauty but, no regrets!
The plant arrived healthy with four beautiful leaves (14-16cm), and another pushed out after two weeks. Good roots. I am pleased with my purchase. 100% highly recommended.
Location: Singapore

Specimen received in decent size, 3 leaves 1 shoot. Root ball was good and healthy. However, one of the leaf was yellowing and in general floppy.

Was expecting the specimen to have mamei signature ribbed petiole like in picture but the one i received did not have it, however, no idea how variable the ribbed petiole is in this species.

So try your luck, but if you're in it for the ribbed petioles you may not receive a specimen with it.
Gorgeous plant, as always from Ecuagenera. The best company to order from for sure in terms of price/ quality/customer service.
Unfortunately, due to Brexit border delays, my plants were in the mail for an extra 5 days and they are all dead, but this is not Ecuageneras fault.

Highly recommend.
This was in my wish list for a long time and I was very excited to have it. Unfortunately when it arrived in Belgium I was immediately disappointed. Not only the plant is very very small but also I got 2 leaves ripped off, broken, and all the other 3 leaves completely wrinkled. Im trying to save it, leaving in a greenhouse and so but the remaining leaves/stems looks very sad. I hope I won't lost it.
Arrived in good condition
Happy with my purchase.
Healthy 2 leaves plant with good root system. 3th one is coming out nicely as well.
A good looking and healthy plant but smallish. Pretty good though.
Not great
Ordered two. One came in okay with the largest leaf at 12cm, which was still smaller than expected. The other came in even smaller, with fungal issues on the leaves (lots of holes) and root rot.
Very healthy plant
Received a small-mid sized specimen with about 5-6 leaves and a healthy root system. While there were superficial tears on some leaves, all were relatively healthy despite a very long journey from Ecuador to Southeast Asia. Acclimated rather quickly as well, as it gave me a new leaf within a short span of a week, which is the fastest ever of all my plants from Ecuador.
DId not arrive well
All the mamei plant i got from my order were looking so sad. Lost most of the leaves. I had to reroot them in water and cut all the yellow leaves. Lucky they seem to recover fast.
Nice size. Healthy plant with new growth.
arrived in great condition. beautiful plant .healthy root
Smaller than expected.
Plant didn't ship well as usual, arrived with lots of tear and yellow spots. Somehow this batch of plants received seem to be much smaller compared to the previous batch which was much more reasonable. Plant suffered root rot and had to be cut down for water propagation until decent root system established. Buy if you think you have time to do serious rehabilitation.
Beautiful plant
This plant arrived in great condition and has already put out a new leaf after having it for a couple weeks. Healthy root system too, highly recommend!
Healthy plant but smaller than i thought
the plant arrived in great condition. the roots are healthy and overall it acclimated very well (ecuador-UE). i don't know why i thought it would be bigger though.
Small plant
Wasn't expecting such a small plant. Definitely smaller than 30cm even with pot. A few small leaves. Roots are healthy.
Love it!!
I can say only WOW! Beautiful plant, healthy roots and leaves, no damage and a new leaf comes out :)
Healthy and great size
This is the first plant I’ve had imported and all I can say is “WOW!!” I couldn’t believe the great quality for the price, I was bummed I hadn’t ordered more from here after receiving it! Wish I can post pictures so you all can see it, there was barely any cosmetic damage. I had to cut a lot of the roots off and reroot but new roots are already forming, so I wouldn’t consider it even close to a rehab. I love it!
Thank you
Healthy and gorgeous!! It came in meticulous packing.
Shipped well
I bought two and both came in good shape. Smaller than pictured, but good roots. Shipped with USPS express mail.
Great plant
Arrived with two large leaves and one on the way. Great solid root system. A beautiful plant.
Pretty big plant
I got bigger plant than what I did expect so on super Happy with it. I did not know before that there is climbing mameis also and mine was like that not The crawling type. Arrived in super good condition so no complains at all!
As described!
My plant came in a perfect condition, with 3 leaves, extensive root system and a sturdy stem. Highly recommend getting one of these!
The plant arrived with two leaves and a new leaf which was about to unwrap. perfect condition
Plant arrived in such excellent condition. Two growth points and a long stem. Also with no damage during transport. All plants in my package where so well secured. I am so happy.
Arrived in excellent condition
The plant arrived very healthy, with new growth. It was packaged very safely and I couldn't be happier with my purchase. This was my first purchase but not my last. I would definitely recommend Ecuagenera without a doubt.
Arrived in great condition. Will definitely order again.
Would recommend to buy it.
Arrived in good shape. A healthy plant. Would recommend to buy it.
Quick grower, quite sturdy
This plant is a very quick grower and ships well. Only my specimen doesn't have such pronounced silver markings as the one on the picture.
I got my Mamei in a good size and quite healthy. very happy with it.
Unique Plant
This plant came with so many leaves and nodes and lots of good roots to support it! Really happy with this purchase.
Beautiful plant
It came to me very poor yellowing leaves but it pulled through and came out beautifully and it's been going strong ever since with nice healthy new leaves. Expect to baby the plant when you receive them as that's what I had to do.
Another great plant
Arrived with health roots and two nice size leaves. Packed with care for the trip. Plant is on the smaller size and is still a good value. Acclimated quickly to its now home.
Sad about this plant
Plant arrived with root rot. Even the lower roots had been trimmed so it seems they knew. Lost all the leaves but the small half leaf that was the newest. I hope it survives
Plant arrived in perfect condition and health
Just received my Philodendron mamei and I just can’t stop looking at it! Arrived in perfect conditions from Ecuador to Italy. Customer service very kind.
Healthy plant in a perfect shape
Leaves were damaged but healthy plant