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Anthurium effusilobum
Anthurium effusilobum

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Nombre d'évaluations: 6
Note moyenne: 4,5
Plant in good condition
Gotten this beauty in good condition, big leaves with some blemishes. Growing well now, another great purchase.
Nice species
I received a healthy multi leaves plant. The biggest leave is about 40cm. It is healthy and has a lot of roots.
Beautiful nice size plant
Beautiful nice size plant - It arrived safe and sound to D.C. I'd suggest to pay extra for fast shipping. The leaves look great and the roots are healthy. Looking forward to seeing them grow bigger. Thank you.
received a small plant, but quite healthy - so i'm excited to see it grow and mature
Tiny seedling
Received a small seedling plant. The plant was healthy and promptly put out a new leaf, but was not representative of others' experiences and reviews with buying this plant. Regardless, excited to see how this seedling grows and matures over time.
Definitely worth it!
Two bigggg leaves!
Arrived healthy with healthy root system. And it's doing well in high humidity it's an anthurium so..