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Philodendron urraoense

Philodendron urraoense

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Note moyenne: 4,1
beautiful, exceeded expectations
this plant handled shipping very well, and looks even better in person with the white veins and texture of the leaves
Love it!
This plant was unknown to me but definitely recommend it.
Underrated plant
Lost a few leaves when it arrived but it recovered quickly and is already putting out a new leaf. The foliage is beautiful with glossy and dark green leaves, surprised that I don't see more people talking about this plant.
Good size and very pretty
die Pflanze ist erstaunlich vital und wohlbehalten angekommen. Auch über die Größe bin ich sehr erfreut. Ein neues Blatt ist auch schon da. Kann ich nur empfehlen
Just Fantastic
Wow what a nice species, it look exactly like in the picture. A lot of nice roots, all leaves are fine. Only the emerging one has some problems at the tip, which is quite normal because of the shipping. The contrast of the veins with the super dark green is lovely and the icing on the cake is the blue shimmer on the leaves. One of the few plants where one can just stare on it and enjoy the wonder of the nature.
Very unique, leaves look amazing. Shipped horribly in decent weather, but made a comeback in my tent with very high humidity and decent lighting.
Arrived with yellowing leaves
Arrived with leaves yellowing and lost all but one leaf 3 weeks later. Small plant.
Died and no response from customer service
despite my best effort to acclimate it in water then spaghnum moss in a plant cabinet where it was warm and humid, it died within two weeks. It did arrive with some beautiful leaves but barely any roots and spaghnum moss was nearly dry. Packing was not great at all. It's too sensitive of a plant for anything less than ideal packaging and a short time en route. No word from customer service when I tried to reach them.
Very good
Plant arrived in very good condition, big size, almost no damage on leaves. Roots are prefect. I'm really happy with my order.
Horrible roots, lost all leaves, still hope
The plant came in with three leaves, smaller than in photos but an okay size. The roots however were all rotten except one. That root happened to be tied into the knot holding the moss in the plastic bag around the roots. I tried to put it in distilled water with light feed to grow roots, it didn't work. So I chopped it up to try and get the nodes to grow roots, and so far no luck. I have two in sphagnum moss in ziploc bags so we'll see if they grow any roots. Quite a let down, but the leaves it came with were so beautiful I can't give this 1 star. The low rating is more for the individual I received, not the species itself.
Beautiful but much smaller
Arrived with 2 leaves but healthy
The leaves are incredibly beautiful, travelled quite OK. Strong roots, new growth which will possibly be a bit yellowish and spotty but overally good condition and the plant is a real beauty
Ordered 2. Both were nice sized. One immediately started off and is doing perfect. Other one is currently in water cause it had very bad roots. Ill be able to save it but will take some time.
Leaves are amazing btw, definitely a must have!
Arrived in super neat condition !
This specie is so underrated ! Shiny dark green leaves wich are awesome. Very happy with this purchase